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What is Underfloor Heating?

I never saw underfloor heating as a viable option for heating my home. I envisioned wiring being installed everywhere and astronomical heating bills caused by the complicated system which for some reason I believed to involve huge pipes - when really, it's quite the opposite...

As far back as the Neolithic period people have used underfloor heating to warm their caves, castles and fancy bathhouses. Ancient folk coaxed smoke through underground tunnels, the Romans built underfloor furnaces and in the early 20th Century, small water pipes were the trend. Fortunately nowadays, underfloor heating is a much simpler job. It’s easy to install and control, and provides the most comfortable heat at the lowest possible running cost.

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The reality is that underfloor heating has a much lower energy requirement than other central heating systems, helping to reduce both heating bills and your carbon footprint; it also works well with solar panels. Underfloor heating ensures that the temperature remains consistent and is spread evenly across all parts of a room. It’s also cleaner, helps to control moisture and doesn’t dry the air. Replacing radiators with underfloor heating also reduces the risk of burns and increases the space in a room, making it ideal for places where children or elderly people live or visit regularly.

Heat Mat is the leading supplier of underfloor heating. Their expansive product range covers all applications and includes heating cables, under laminate heating and heat mats that can be used with carpet, wooden and vinyl flooring. Their huge range of colourful thermostats means you will always find one to suit the room, providing the most satisfying and unobtrusive heating system possible.

If you'd like to know more about underfloor heating, check out the comprehensive help and support page on Heat Mat's website. They cover everything from running costs to installation guides. Alternatively, you can give us a call or send us an email, and one of our friendly guys can discuss your heating needs and help you find the right solution for a toasty warm winter!


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