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What is Induction Lighting?

Induction lights are the ideal replacements for old, outdated and power hungry metal halide and sodium vapour lamps. They last 4-10 times longer than any other industrial lighting technology available today, yet still provide an even wider spread of light for less wattage. Induction lamps have a five year warranty, and you will usually see a return on your investment by the end of year one!

Induction technology is used in floodlights, highbays, lowbays and amenity lights. Induction lights are ideal for warehouses and factories, petrol stations, hotels, retail and leisure centres, car parks, pathways and loading areas. But what makes it so good?

The technical part:

  • Magnetic induction lamps are fluorescent lamps without an electrode or a filament.
  • High frequency energy from the electronic ballast in sent thought the induction coil.
  • The induction coil produces a powerful magnetic field and excites the mercury atom by a pellet of amalgam (solid mercury).
  • Mercury atoms emit UV light and this is converted in to visible light by the phosphor coating inside the glass tube.

Advantages of induction lighting:

  • 6,000 hour life (compared to 6,000 – 24,000*)
  • Minimal maintenance and re-lamping costs due to lack of electrode or filament.
  • Can reduce electricity costs by up to 70%*
  • Operating temperature of only 80ºc (compared to 200ºc or higher*)
  • No flicker and minimal glare.
  • Reliable ignition at any temperature down to -40ºc.
  • Lamp disposal required approx every 10 years.
  • Environmentally friendly mercury content of  0.25g.
  • Instant on/off re-strike (compared with a 5-15 minute waiting time*)
  • High lumen efficacy and low lumen depreciation rate.

Here's another fantastic new lighting technology joining the ranks of CFL and LED. It seems there's an energy saving solution for almost every application now. What do you think?


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