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What is Heat Recovery?

Also called waste heat recovery, and heat exchange, heat recovery is huge in other countries, particularly America, and is used more and more often in new housing developments. We've been hearing good things about it for ages, but had no idea how it actually works! Surprisingly, it's much simpler than we thought...

When warm and cold air meet...

I've come to think of heat recovery as a nice hug. Like an ordinary vent, the unit is installed in a wall, with one vent facing inwards, and one facing out. The warm, stuffy and moist air leaves your house via the heat recovery unit, and enters a heat exchanger. While in this
heat exchanger it meets the cold fresh air from outside, gives it a quick cuddle to warm it up and then leaves. The newly warmed but fresh and clean air then enters the house!

It's ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms, living rooms and commercial building like hotels and offices. It provides effective and more energy efficient ventilation by bringing fresh air into a room without altering the heat and humidity. Because you're not constantly losing heat through a vent, even your heating bills can reduce. Good ventilation is important for both our health, and our homes, helping prevent damp. A good supply of clean air and a stable humidity level can also benefit people suffering from respiratory problems like asthma.

Bad news for the inhaler!

Obviously, fitting a whole house heat recovery system would be incredibly disruptive (and incredibly expensive), so we've found an easier solution for the existing building. The handy low voltage Xpelair single room heat recovery unit is really easy to install, all you need a standard core drill. They're also simple to operate, and designed to suit you! Some models have a pull cord for quick operation, humidity sensors, and even light sensors, to prevent misuse operation at night.

The Xpelair heat recovery unit - the only part you'll see is the white grille at the front!

So if you're looking to cut your fuel costs and carbon emissions whilst effectively heating your home, here's something to think about...


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