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Warmth Without Guilt: Vanguard Eco-Smart

Warmth Without Guilt: Vanguard Eco-Smart

Imagine the feeling; you’re driving home from work on a cold, dark evening, but you feel content because you’re already anticipating the warm welcome that’s awaiting you when you get home.

You’ve set up your Electrorad Vanguard Eco-Smart heater to come on 14 minutes before you walk through the door - the Eco-Smart used its Intelligent Control System to learn that 14 minutes is the exact amount of time your home takes to heat up - and you don’t even feel bad about this luxurious heating arrangement because the Vanguard is so energy efficient. This is the lifestyle that Juice Electrical Supplies can offer you during the coldest part of the year and beyond, with our brand new range of eco-friendly heaters from Electrorad.

Here at Juice Electrical Supplies, we have just the heating systems to help you set up a home that cares both about you and about the environment. With UK energy prices at an all-time high, guilt free heating is a very warm feeling, indeed. Heaters that offer more control and less wastage will help you create an inviting space you can curl up in and relax, shutting out the rest of the world.

A warm welcome from Vanguard Eco-Smart

A vanguard against the encroaching cold, eco-friendly and powered by smart technology. Vanguard. Eco. Smart. You get the idea. This is a heating system that has been designed from the ground up for the world of 2018, a world we waste less and consume more intelligently. This is no ordinary heater, this is an Ecodesign Lot 20 compliant heater. The technology behind the Vanguard is cutting edge stuff that makes being eco-friendly easy, as well as comfortable.


High thermal inertia: Even before we get to the clever sensors and controls that come as standard with the Vanguard, the very body itself is designed to warm up and dissipate heat in an intelligent way. The aluminium body heats up quickly and the ceramic core provides an even surface level of heat transfer, ensuring the room gets a warm blanket of heat. Ceramic also has high thermal inertia, allowing the Vanguard to hold onto and dissipate heat when you need it, using less energy.

“Alexa, turn up the heating”: Vanguard is one of the world’s first electric radiators to work with Amazon Echo. Feel a little chilly? In this sci-fi reality we live in, instead of shouting at a family member or housemate to go and turn the heating on, you can shout at the (hopefully) unfeeling Alexa to do it instead.


Unbeatable energy efficiency: The Intelligent Control System will get to know your home and how quickly it heats up and gets cold. It will revise how much energy it uses to change temperature to make sure it happens in the most efficient way to match your home. A fully programmable schedule will ensure that you only have heating when you want it and the pinpoint Proportional Integral Technology and Triac control let you pick the temperature down to the nearest 0.1°C. You can basically set your heating up like Wallace’s morning routine machine in The Wrong Trousers, without jam splattered on the wall.

Works with your smartphone: Buy the WiFi adapter and download the app and control your heating from your phone, to add something else you can do on your phone. You can even use geolocation on your smartphone to make your heating turn on when you get within a certain distance, perfect for when you leave work earlier or later than usual.

Choose the Vanguard Eco-Smart or Smart Panel Heater from Electrorad and you’ll be starting off 2018 with a warm home that works efficiently and keeps to your schedule. We all deserve guilt free warmth.



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