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Remote Sensing Security and Home Automation

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Titan RS Range ~

These days, we are as eager as ever to discover new technology that will allow us to control anything that makes our lives better, faster and more secure. The Titan remote sensing security and home automation range definitely ticks all the boxes.

These devices comprise intelligent transmitters and receivers that learn each others coding on the initial set-up to give a complete security system for your home or workplace. You can pair a receiver to a transmitter but not to another receiver and vice versa for transmitters.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Energy efficient control of lighting
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable security system
  • Provides peace of mind whether home or away
  • Choice of devices to suit your needs

So, let’s have a look at a few of these clever little devices in detail…

Titan TRS01RX Receiver Floodlight

Titan’s 300w receiver floodlight activates during darkness when a signal is received from a transmitter within the TRS range. The built-in photocell sensor then saves energy by deactivating the floodlight in daylight hours.


Team with the TRS02RX chime/alarm receiver for an Audio Alarm PIR Floodlight Kit.

Titan TRS02RX Chime/Alarm Receiver

The chime/alarm is used to receive from transmitters within the Titan range. If you team it with the PIR transmitter lantern, it gives you an Audio Alarm PIR Lantern Kit.


Titan TRS21TX PIR Transmitter Floodlight

As darkness descends, the built-in PIR sensor turns on the floodlight, then activates the TRANSMITTER when the PIR sensor detects a moving heat source in its coverage area. Throughout the day, the built-in photocell sensor saves energy by deactivating the floodlight. The PIR sensor and transmitter still remain active.


This floodlight is compatible with the entire range of receiver products. Upon detection of a moving heat source the unit will transmit for the preset duration and activate any receivers that are in range and coded to accept the transmitter signal.

Titan TRS27TX PIR Transmitter Lantern

At night, the built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor turns on the LANTERN when it detects a moving heat source in its coverage area. During the day, the built-in photocell sensor saves energy by deactivating the lantern. The TRS LANTERN TRANSMITTER is compatible with all TRS receivers. Upon a moving heat source being detected, it will illuminate for the length of pre-set duration and turn on the TRS receivers. After the elapse of the preset duration, it will turn itself and the receivers off.


Titan TRS03RX and TRS22TX PIR Plug In Kit

Combine the motion sensor, PIR transmitter with the plug through receiver for a quick and easy to manage PIR plug-in kit.

trs03rx TRS22TX


Titan TRS23TX Remote Control Transmitter

This Multi Function Remote Control Transmitter has 4 separate code channels and LED transmit indicator.


Titan TRS04RX Receiver Relay Unit

One of the most popular of the Titan Range, the receiver relay unit has switching capacity of 2000W incandescent, 480W fluorescent or 8 amps maximum load. Use it together with the remote control transmitter (seen above) for a Remote Relay Switching Kit.


There are many more devices that can help with your Remote Sensing Security and Home Automation system. Come and see the rest of our Titan range here.


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