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Top Ten Energy Saving Tips For Offices

1. Turn off the lights! If you have a few forgetful people around the building it might be useful to post a few reminders. A notice or two will also be helpful for the cleaners to remember to switch the lights off before they leave. You could also consider occupancy sensors in places where the lights are mainly turned off, for instance, stairwells, stationery cupboards, bathrooms and hallways.

2. Upgrade your office lighting! LED is the most technologically forward and efficient light source, but CFL's are great too! Don't forget that you can also buy energy saving bulbs for existing fittings like spotlights. Desk lamps are a great idea for big offices too, and might help reduce the amount of time you need to use the main lights.

3. Invest in some blinds! When it's sunny you can open them up and let in some daylight. It might not be quite enough to work by but you could turn a few lights off. Blinds are also great for blocking out the sunlight and keeping the office cool when it's too hot.

4. Use the windows! Shelve the desk fans and crack a window open! The fresh air will give everyone a boost and help keep things cool. If you can't open the windows, try a ceiling fan. They're cheaper to run than a pile of desk or floor fans, and they're much healthier than air conditioning. Plus, they don't litter your precious desk and floor space.

5. Upgrade your heating! Electric radiators are fantastic for offices as each one can be controlled individually. They consume less energy than gas central heating, and mean you don't have to heat the whole building at once (helping prevent arguments). They're usually much better looking too! Proper thermostatic controls can also help reduce energy consumption, particularly by keeping a level temperature. Also try to avoid heating empty corridors and stairwells.

6. Shut down your computer! Make sure to shut down overnight, but you can also switch off for a long lunch break or a meeting. If you're just nipping out for five minutes turn off your monitor until you're ready to work again.

7. Flat Screen Monitors! Flat screens use less energy than standard monitors, they're also easier on the eye and will give the user a bit more desk room and a few less headaches. Keeping electrical and computer equipment clean is important for optimal performance and minimum energy use, and these are much easier to keep dust free!

8. Save paper, ink and prints! Can two people share a copy of something in a meeting? And does everyone really need a copy of your entire power point presentation? You could email it to everyone? Or condense the points on to a word document! Some other easy paper and printer saving tips are dropping a font size and printing double sided. You can also recycle printed sheets with a blank side as rough note paper around the office.

9. Don't forget to switch off kitchen appliances! This could be another opportunity to hang up a little sign. 'Don't forget to turn off the kettle, microwave, toaster etc.' You may want to add to the notice that this doesn't include switching off the fridge though...

10. Fix dripping taps asap! You'd be surprised how much water you can lose through a leaky tap. You can also save water and energy by not filling the kettle for one or two drinks, only for the next person to tip the rest away and start again. If you want to be really water thrifty you could collect rainwater for your office plants. They'd prefer it too!


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