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Top Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Saving energy has become a big priority, and as we saw when making our energy savings infographic, lighting accounts for quite a chunk of our energy bills. With so many energy saving light bulbs out there, it can be difficult to know which one you need, and which one is the best! So, we've put together a small selection of our favourite bulbs. When you've found the bulb you need, just click on the power rating of the fitting and it'll take you to the corresponding energy saving LED bulb!

GLS Bulbs


GLS bulbs are the bulbs that you usually find dotted around the home, in the fittings that are too often still populated with incandescent (the old style) bulbs. Very soon, incandescent bulbs are going to be near impossible to buy, but luckily, we have energy saving equivalent which uses 80% less energy, and costs little more than a fiver. GLS LED Bulbs are available with a screw or a bayonet cap.

Candle Bulbs





Energy saving candle bulbs have, in the past, been notoriously difficult to come by. In fact, it's not unusual to see a once beautiful lamp or ceiling light stuffed with unsightly fluorescent or spiral lamps. But, hooray! Technology has come to the rescue. Crompton's LED Candle Bulb is about as attractive as you can get for a light bulbs (it has vivacious curves), and consumes a tiny 4W of power, which is equivalent to a 35W to 40W incandescent bulb. If you're looking for dimmable versions, we stock candle bulbs with large bayonet and small edison screw caps.

GU10 Bulbs

9676-135 - 50W




GU10 Bulbs... the bane of our existence. These fellows (with their extremely high 35-50W power ratings) are normally found in spotlights, downlights and ceiling lights. The highest energy guzzling lights in the house, your energy bill would be significantly lower without them. Thankfully it's now possible to purchase LED GU10 bulbs, that fit snugly in to your existing fittings. Our favourite LED GU10 Lamp is a new one from Crompton. In standard or dimmable versions, with  a whopping long life of 30,000 hours, plus a 4 year warranty! This purse friendly lamp uses only 5W of power, equivalent to 50W halogen and switching just one of these bulbs will save you as much as £154 over it's life span! 

If you can't see the bulb you need, or if you'd like any more help or information, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you right away.

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At Juice we're committed to saving energy, and sourcing the best products possible to help you do the same. You can check out our full light bulbs and lamps section here.


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