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Sometimes the sun just isn't warm enough...

We all know that sometimes the sun just isn't warm enough so outdoor heating is most definitely a wise investment - they can provide comfortable heat to enjoy your garden in the winter months, and help you make the most of summer evenings, just in case it gets a bit chilly - or for when that barbecue you planned a month ago doesn't fall on the warmest of days.



Take a look at Elnur's Infra-Red heaters -they're a really effective outdoor heating solution and you can choose from either wall mounted or stand alone versions. (They can also be used indoors too which is an added bonus!)

Radiant heaters provide instant heat, by transfering energy via electromagnetic radiation to another object, heating in the same way as the sun! So, rather than heating the surrounding air, radiant heaters only heat solid forms, which means us!

Using much less power consumption of a conventional electric heater, outdoor heaters are also ideal for heating smoking areas in workplaces, waiting areas, workshops or leisure establishments. Infra Red Heaters don't waste any time warming up, just giving simple, fast and effective heat wherever and whenever you need it.


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