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Seven of the Most Breathtaking Light Installations Ever

The power of light is often underestimated. It can create moods within rooms, change the way you feel and behave or even be constructed in such a way that it is considered art. Here at Juice Electrical Supplies we love seeing people getting creative with lighting so we wanted to show you some of the most amazing light installations from around the world to help you understand just how creative and versatile light can be.

These stunning examples might make you think rather differently about how you choose to use light in your own home, living or work spaces.

1.) The Cloud

Created by Caitlind Brown, this wondrous installation is made up of 6,000 light bulbs. Life sized and fully interactive, this amazing cloud enables the public to stand underneath it and pull each light on and off in order to resemble the flickering appearance of an electric cloud. We just hope all those bulbs are energy efficient!

2.) A Field of Light

Field of light is a stunning installation sculpted by Bruce Munros, one of the most influential and exciting light sculptors working at the moment. Made up of over 15,000 separate lights, this unusually beautiful installation has been showcased for the public on several occasions in reputable locations such as the V&A Museum.

You can see this marvelous illumination first-hand this winter at Waddesdon House in Buckinghamshire from now up until the 14th of January - along with a number of Bruce’s other fascinating lighting designs.

3.) Light Graffiti

By projecting detailed etchings created using as etching needle onto building facades, Armsrock, a spectacular Danish artist managed to stun passers-by leaving them staring in awe. These spectacular pieces of temporary light art titled 'Markinger' appeared on an inconspicuous night in 2010.

4.) The Rainbow

American artist Bill Fitzgibbons was commissioned to give this neglected art deco railroad underpass a new lease of life. The rainbow light installation transformed this once dark and dangerous underpass into a tunnel of light which managed to draw in hundreds if not thousands of pedestrians.

Created using thousands of programmed LED lights this stunning creation is capable of millions of different light combinations. 

5.) Infinity

Created by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, this magnificent light installation allows you to step into a room and be blown away. A combination of cleverly positioned, reflective mirrors and LED lights give the illusion that this installation is never ending.

6.) Nabano No Sato’s Botanical Garden

Host to millions of glistening LED lights, this winter light installation at Nabano No Sato’s Botanical Garden in Japan is quite frankly unbelievable. During winter this already stunning garden is transformed into an unworldly display of lights.

7.) Scattered Light 

Jim Campbell’s Scattered Light installation in the middle of Madison Square Park is an amazing sight to see. Featuring nearly 2000 LED lights encased inside normal light bulbs this 20 foot high structure adjusts in brightness to imitate the shadows of people walking nearby.


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