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Plug-In LED Night Lights... with a flair!

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Why use Plug-In LED Night Lights?

Plug-in LED night lights have become more and more useful over time for a number of reasons. The child who is afraid of the dark, the early bird waking before sunrise, the parent who has a child waking up for late night feeds and even for the elderly to use as a guide light at night time. Plus, they are so cheap to run with their energy efficient LED's, it's a no-brainer!

Meet the humble First Light Projector LED Night Lights...

8371RGB Plug-In LED Night Lights Firstlight 8371RB

At first glance these plug-in LED night lights look like any other high end, interestingly designed night light. That is until you put it in a dark room and turn it on...

8371RGB (3) Plug-In LED Night Lights A colourful display of light

These awesome plug-in LED night lights have a specially designed diffuser, which creates this stunning light display on the wall above it. It cycles through a full spectrum of colour, or you can simply pause it on the colour you prefer. An automatic sensor switches it on when it starts getting dark and off again when the room begins to brighten. The built in LED bulb will last for over 50,000 hours, and it produces no heat. Even better - it just plugs straight in to an ordinary UK plug socket!

However, the manufacturers, First Light, didn't just stop there. They have also created the 'Sparkle Night Light', which has all the same benefits of a dusk to dawn sensor and LED lights, but rather than changing colour, it is designed to create a beautiful sparkling effect. As you can see from the image below, the compact sparkle night light is available with a white or amber light.

8372 Plug-In LED Night Lights Firstlight 8372AM and 8372WH

In a different style altogether, these plug in night lights feature colour changing LED's and dusk to dawn sensor... click here to have a peek!

2300RGB (1) Plug-In LED Night Lights2300RGB (2)2300RGB (3)2300RGB (4)

Brand new in 2016 introduces another LED night light that has a clever little diffuser that can be rotated 360 degrees. This means you can create upwards, downwards or sideway illumination! As ever, they maintain very low energy consumption and produce no heat whatsoever. Plus, they also have an automatic dusk to dawn photo sensor along with a fabulous 3 year guarantee!

5942AM v2 5942AM 5942WH v2 5942WH

See the Firstlight 5942AM and 5942WH here...

If you or your children have trouble falling asleep in the dark, what could be more helpful than a soft, colourful light show, or a room bathed in soft sparkles. I don't know about any one else, but I think I'd like one of these in every plug socket all over the house, not just in the bedroom.  Imagine the atmosphere.... and they are super energy efficient too. You could even keep one in your bag for when you go on holiday, they're so convenient. I've heard them being used in caravans too.

So, to sum them up in a nutshell... they're ideal to help quell fears for little ones at bedtime, provide a useful guiding light, or simply be placed around the home to help you relax and unwind after a hard day.

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