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Our Top 12 Green Blogs

At Juice, we like to promote green living and energy efficiency which is why we offer a great range of energy saving products for the home. With this being one of our passions, we thought it would be a great idea to pull together a list of our top 12 green blogs on the web.

1. Ecomii is a great website covering a large scope of topics on green living. Their healthy home section covers everything from where to start with recycling, using rechargeable batteries and switching to a low flow showerhead. Additionally, Ecomii encourages reader participation with sections such as “ecomii debatables” where readers can take part in polls on various green living issues. Ecomii on Facebook and Twitter.


2. The Green Guide from National Geographic is a nicely designed blog with some great content on the green side of the home & garden, travel & transportation and food. It has some interesting reads and is definitely worth a look if green living is your thing. It also has a great buying guide with articles on topics such as chemicals in cosmetics, food labels, energy efficient windows and eco-friendly cars. The Green Guide on Facebook and Twitter.

the green guide

3. Grist’s posts are more news-based so great for the blog fans who like to keep up to date with current green affairs. The topics covered are more climate based but the categories that you can find posts on include Climate & Energy, Food, Cities, Living and Politics. The COOL/gristlist section features some cool and unusual stories found by the Grist team include subjects such as grapefruit sized hailstones in Texas and the prospect of London drinking recycled sewage. Grist on Facebook and Twitter.


4. Living Green and Saving Energy is a great blog with high quality posts and some great tips for green living. This blog goes beyond just the usual how-to type posts and also includes posts on topics such as what is being done around the world, in places such as Zambia, to look after our planet and green transportation. Another great thing that this blog has to offer is the ability to sign up for a free e-course on going green. The design is a little basic but the great content makes up for that. Living Green and Saving Energy on Facebook and Twitter.

living green and saving energy

5. This is the official blog of the Energy Saving Trust and although this means that it may lack the personal touch that some readers prefer, it’s great for keeping up to date with energy and environmental related issues in the UK. For this reason, we think it’s an essential resource for anyone with a passion for being green. The Energy Saving Trust on Facebook and Twitter.

energy saving trust

6. 360Chestnut is a nice little blog which is regularly updated with how-to, news and other tips and advice. The articles are well-written and very informative; the owners of the blog clearly have the interests of their readers in mind. It features posts on a variety of different topics including how to read gas bills, estimating how much water a property will use before buying it and even fracking. It’s a great blog for those looking to buy a new property as it features a few posts related to this. 360Chestnut on Facebook and Twitter.

360 chestnut

7. Find Energy Savings is a website providing a directory of “certified energy saving companies”. The blog looks at saving energy in the home but instead the posts focus more on news items rather than advice, how-tos and tips. With posts on bills, energy efficiency improvements and energy suppliers, it’s great for keeping your knowledge on what’s best for your home and your wallet up to date. Find Energy Savings on Facebook and Twitter.

find energy savings

8. Energy Saving Experts is another news based blog which is great for keeping up to date with the ever changing energy world. A great feature of this blog is the Daily Energy Saving Tip, a category containing, up until now, 207 energy saving tips for the home. We’re sure even the very most green conscious minds out there could learn a trick or two! Energy Saving Experts on Facebook and Twitter.

energy saving experts

9. Firefly is a great little blog that we think fits in perfectly with what Juice is all about! Their posts focus on saving energy and money in the home. It’s a nicely designed blog which is easy to get on with and compels you to read more. There is a slight lack of imagery but this is made up for with the informative posts on a variety of home related topics.


10. Clean Technica is the number 1 most visited clean energy site in the US. A quick scroll down the main page and you’ll soon notice that this blog is updated VERY frequently. This might not be to everyone’s taste but if you like to stay up to date with constant news then this blog may be for you. It’s won numerous awards and has, according to their about page, “been covering the cleantech industry obsessively since 2008”. They are very active in social media, with a huge amount of fans and followers. Clean Technica on Facebook and Twitter.

clean technica

11. Greentech Gazette isn’t the best designed blog but it does have a lot of interesting and informative posts that span all the way back to 2007. Its categories include everything from Alternative Energy to Energy Conservation and Solar Energy, and there are many, many more. Its plain layout and lack of imagery might not be as visually appealing as some but don’t let this put you off! The extensive archive will give even the most knowledgeable of green-heads something to read.

green tech gazette

12. The design of Genesys Project is not great, and it isn’t updated as regularly as others. But with that said, you can really tell that the owners and writer of the blog are passionate about being green. There are some interesting articles on topics such as choosing a green car and even how to build your own solar panels. If this blog was updated more regularly, it would definitely be higher up on this list but if you’re as passionate as these guys are then you might want to check it out.

genesys project


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