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New Product Launch: The Sleek, High-Performance Faith Extract Fan

New Product Launch: The Sleek, High-Performance Faith Extract Fan

We’re really excited to announce the arrival of the new Faith extractor fan from Nuaire, which is available now from Juice. As well as its stylish, minimal look that will blend in perfectly with the surrounding interior design, it also boasts impressive smart technology and should prove popular due to meeting all the requirements for social housing. Here are the benefits at a glance.

Say goodbye to loud, boxy extractor fans

While good ventilation in the home is essential, often manufacturers don’t consider the impact the design of an extractor fan can have on the atmosphere of a home. Too often, fans are unsightly and boxy and emit a loud, unpleasant rattling noise.

With the Faith, this isn’t something you need to worry about. Its slim, sleek design with a discreet digital display makes it unobtrusive and elegant, and it runs exceptionally quietly.

Say hello to clean, healthy air

Indoor air pollution due to poor ventilation is a common problem. One major pollutant is condensation, which is caused when the moisture created by breathing, cooking, showering and other indoor sources has no outlet from the home. This can result in damp and mould forming on walls, which can cause various health problems for the people living there and be a hassle and expense to sort out.

The Faith extract fan from Nuaire prevents this problem from occurring. It has an intelligent humidity tracker that measures humidity levels and boosts the fan action if needed, to ensure that there is always sufficient ventilation. You can make sure there is healthy breathing air in the home whilst preserving the fabric of the building.

Save energy and control costs

As well as performing in terms of functionality and aesthetics, the Faith fan also helps you save energy and control costs. In addition to preventing noise disturbance, the night delay and intelligent run-on timer functions provide great energy savings. The humidity tracker also helps save energy, as it adapts to the ambient humidity levels and only uses more energy if it’s actually needed. The Faith fan is also low maintenance and has minimal life cycle costs, making it a really cost-effective ventilation solution. Finally, by reducing damage to your property in the form of damp and mould, you also save on repair and maintenance costs in the long term.

Meet all building regulations

Faith has been specifically designed to meet all regulations and requirements for social housing. This makes it a great choice for landlords. You know you are choosing a ventilation solution that will benefit both you and your tenants and will comply with all legal obligations. The fan is IPX4 rated and therefore suitable for all zones, including kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

You can purchase the Faith Extractor fan from Juice today.

If you would like any more information about the Faith extractor fan and its release, or about any of our other ventilation systems, then please feel free to get in touch with us today on 0333 456 7895.


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