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How Much Does It Cost to Watch Your Favourite TV Shows? Part 3, The Highest Rated TV Series

If you’ve followed our recent series on how much it costs to watch your favourite TV shows, you’ll know that cosying up on the sofa for a ‘Breaking Bad-athon’ could, in fact, be more achievable and cost-effective than sitting down to watch all 8 seasons of House. But now we’re really getting down to how the top shows compare. Part 3 of our series focuses on the top 15 shows as rated on IMDb. Come on, admit it, you’ve spent many an evening with Daenerys and the Lannisters, Rick and the walkers, and sometimes the cast of Friends actually feel like real friends…

Once again we’ve found out how long it takes to watch your favourite shows and calculated how much that’s likely to have cost you using the power consumption of one top selling LED TV (the Samsung UN55F8000, power consumption 70w) and one top selling LCD TV (the Sony KDL -47W802A, power consumption 54.86w). We also paired this with a Sky+ HD box (power consumption 45w max) and a Blu-Ray player (Sony BDP-S1100, power consumption 8.8w). Using the Sust-It.net energy calculator the full details are revealed.


How Much Does It Cost to Watch Your Favourite TV Shows? How Much Does It Cost to Watch Your Favourite TV Shows?

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The top rated show, Game of Thrones is first up. There’s more to come in this TV series, but right now there have been 4 seasons that you’ve enjoyed. If you’ve watched every episode then that’s 1 day, 16 hours of viewing with a cost of between 38.71p and 69.92p. Certainly more cost-effective than a trip to the cinema!

Breaking Bad is also one of the top rated shows. The complete 5 seasons is 2 days and 14 hours so you can’t even squeeze it into a weekend’s viewing...even all this only costs 59.99p - £1.08. Friends is a good watch, with over 4 days of viewing time to cover the whole 10 seasons. It’s no wonder we get so involved with the lives of Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monika, Phoebe and Joey. After all, they graced our living rooms for 10 years, and 10 years after the last series they still hold a special place in many of our hearts.

The Simpsons still tops the viewing time charts with a total viewing time of 9 days, 18 hours and 35 minutes. That’s a total of 560 episodes across 26 seasons since its launch in 1989. Although it hit its peak viewing figures of 33.5 million viewers in season 1, it was still drawing over 12 million viewers just last year so chances are you’ve caught an episode or two over the years. The Simpsons holds the title of longest running American sitcom, longest running American animated programme and longest running America scripted primetime series. Luckily for the Simpsons they don’t look a day older than their debut 25 years ago, but watching the whole series in one go might add a few bags under our eyes!

We hope you’ve seen some of your favourite shows in our list, or maybe you’ve been inspired to watch something new. Happy viewing!

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