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How Much Does It Cost To Watch Your Favourite TV Shows?

No matter whether you love TV or hate it, we all have at least one show that has caught our attention and lured us in to watching every episode without fail. Chances are, the IMDb 50 highest rated shows features one or more of your favourites so we wanted to know, just how much of our time and money has watching these much beloved series cost us?

In the U.S. the average time spent watching TV is 5 hours and 11 minutes with the average person having spent, in total, 9 years of their life in front of the screen. In the UK, the true average (taking into consideration of the underestimation of time spent watching) is over 4 hours a day with an average of 2.4 rooms with TVs in them. These statistics don’t even take into account the viewing of shows and movies on other devices such as laptops and tablets!

It’s no doubt that the vast and steadily increasing amount of entertainment available, advances in technology and growing number of viewing methods have attributed to the rise in TV watching. With the exponential amount of viewing material available, there truly is a show for everyone and no matter how busy you are or what inconvenient hours you work, there is always a way to catch up on your favourites.

With the use of a handy tool we found, tiii.me, and typical energy costs and usage of certain sets, we calculated the time needed, energy used and cost of watching the 50 series featured in the IMDb 50 highest rated shows. So here is part one! Can’t find your favourite show? Then stay tuned for part two by Juice Electrical Supplies.


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