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Looking For Ways To Brighten Up Your Outdoor Life?

If the answer is 'yes' and you're looking for ways to brighten up your outdoor life, then surely it’s time to spruce up your lighting!

Ways to brighten Up Your Outdoor Life...

Lighting the inside of your home with lamps and light fixtures is an important part of creating a comfortable home, but have you ever stopped to think that outside lighting might be just as important, if not more so? The front and back of your house is the gateway into your home; and if you have spent time and money on making the exterior of your home look amazing, then shouldn’t you want to showcase it by illuminating it on a dark night.

As well as being able to show off your home, lighting is extremely important for other reasons, such as security as it shows, to any potential burglars, that you have devices in place to ward off opportunist home invaders. Here I will go through ways in which the proper use of good lighting can not only keep your home safe,  but can also bring a little light to your life.

house lit up in the evening - Ways to brighten Up Your Outdoor Life

Practicality Matters

Firstly, all good lighting has one important role in which all others fold around it; which is to illuminate the front and back of your home so that it is a lot easier to circumvent the dark and enter your home without trouble. If it is simply to light up the path to your home, then buying floodlights is the perfect solution for you; relatively cheap, easy to assemble and will hardly impact on the face of your home’s exterior whilst giving you the illumination you need.

At Juice we have a huge selection of floodlights and accessories which can be found here.

Looking Good

Naturally, the lighting of your outside areas is the main reason for implanting a lighting scheme, but why not add a little fun and style to the occasion? Outshine all your neighbours by incorporating beautiful outdoor lighting at the front of your home, such as wall lanterns, that will give your home an inviting feel, or maybe even some contemporary windowed wall lights.

If a wall lantern or windowed lights sound like your thing then see what Juice has to offer.

Of course incorporating lighting into both your front and back garden can be a great way to highlight beautifully created landscaped features, patios, and decking, and the garden that you’ve spent a lot of time tending to. If it is decking or the patio that you want lighting up, then it's definitely worth investing in ground lights. These can be fixed in to both patios and decking so that in the warmer months of the year a combination of subtle and dramatic lighting from ground lights will transform outside space into a relaxing and ambient setting after the sun goes down.

You can find garden, deck and ground lights here!

Ways to brighten Up Your Outdoor Life

Your Safety and Security

As well as looking stylish and doing the job of lighting up your driveway, outdoor lighting has another component to it that might just come in handy; it’s actually a pretty good safety device. Of course I’m not advocating forgoing  an alarm system or leaving your doors unlocked, but lit houses are harder for buglers to break into as there is nowhere for them to hide without being seen. Also, by having security lights then you are sending signals to potential burglars that you are a homeowner that doesn't want to be messed with.

Here at Juice we're always thinking about safety and that’s why we have our very own range of security lighting which can be found here.

Saving The Planet... And Your Pocket

If you do decide to install some outdoor lighting, then it is important to think of the bulbs, lamps and tubes you will use in your lighting scheme. It is always tempting to go with the cheaper option but why not be a saviour to the planet and use energy efficient bulbs! As well as being seen as a hero amongst the community, you will actually save money on your energy bills, meaning your lights could pay for themselves in the long run. We know it’s definitely the 'saving the earth' bit that matters to you, not about the money…as if!!

Overall, using these great ways to brighten up your outdoor life, installing outdoor lighting is simple and easy. Give the exterior façade of your home a face lift with minimal effort. With lighting options available to suit all pockets, this is a great budget friendly way to spruce up your home with minimal effort and investment. So why not go and brighten up your outdoor life?...


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