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Lighting, Atmosphere & Plants for a Happy Office [Infographic]

Those of us that work, or have worked, in an office will know that ensuring that the entirety of the staff is always happy all of the time is nigh on impossible. There are many contributing factors which may increase or decrease general contentment in the office which of course, can impact the overall productivity. The CIPD January 2013 survey showed a decline in engaged employees; between the summer of 2012 and the January survey, the number of “engaged” employees feel from 39% to 35%.

Creating a happy, productive environment for employees is no easy feat and may involve an initial investment that employers are put off by. But, considering that 2013 saw a 22.2% average revenue increase for the companies listed in 2014’s Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, it’s an investment that is likely to be worth it.

So where does improving employee productivity begin? It seems that a good place to start would be by providing your employees with a comfortable and safe working environment which will help to reduce or eliminate the risk of illness or injury, such as eye strain or migraines. One cause of such problems is poor lighting, which many an office is guilty of!

Happy Office Infographic

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Lighting which is too dim will cause employees to be drowsy and as a result, have a lack of concentration or focus. On the other end of the spectrum, with lighting that is too harsh or bright, eye strain and migraine headaches can occur. Not only can these types of conditions degrade the productivity and quality of ones work, they can also be physically debilitating and result in time off sick. The best alternatives are natural lighting, where available, and uniform lighting. Uniform lighting creates an even flush of light across all surfaces, minimizing the chance of bright or dim spots which may encourage employees to regularly strain their eyes.

It is recommended that you hire a lighting professional to help you to determine the best location for lighting installations, the best types of fixtures for your environment and the type of light that would create the most comfortable work space for your employees.

With so many other factors to consider, smell is one aspect often overlooked but which can have significant effects on concentration levels. We know, offices are never the most pleasant smelling places on earth but introducing certain fragrances, such as that of lemon or jasmine, can reduce things like typing errors by as much as 54%!

We’ve created this infographic to guide you through some simple but effective changes that can be made to work environments to ensure maximum productivity is being accomplished by your staff. Check it out and let us know if you have any tips for creating a happy office!

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