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LED TV Backlight Kits to bring your TV to life!

LED TV Backlight Kits to bring your TV to life!

If you’re looking for that finishing touch around your TV area, then you should definitely consider the Colour Changing LED TV Backlight Kit by PowerMaster.

LED TV Backlight LED TV Backlight

LED TV Backlight Kits Review

I’ve often found that, whilst watching TV, the main light is too bright and detracts from the image on the screen. On the other hand, however, without the main light on, the image is far too bright and caused my eyes to strain. As a bit of a gamer (PS4... of course!), I've also found that the high resolution images often contributed to my eye strain, ruining the overall experience when playing in the dark. This has always been a bit of problem and, in all honesty, I hadn’t bothered looking for a solution until this cracking little kit landed on my desk!

Installation took me around 5mins (and it only took me that long because I positioned the strips meticulously) and here is the end result:

LED TV Backlight Kits OFF
LED TV Backlight Kits White
LED TV Backlight Kits Purple
LED TV Backlight Kits Orange
LED TV Backlight Kits Red
LED TV Backlight Kits Green

I’m pretty impressed with the end result, as you can see; I tested the LED backlights with one of my favourite games with five different colours. I had many more to chose from but I went for these just for the purpose of this blog.

Once I was happy with my chosen colour, I could then adjust the brightness of the LED’s and found that this was a great way of improving my viewing experience. Plus, let’s face it, they look pretty cool too!!

How to fit an LED TV Backlight Kits

The self-adhesive strip sticks to the back of the TV and connects via a USB cable into an available USB socket (usually on the back or side of your TV). The crafty little USB cable powers the 2.5W strips directly from the TV and, when in standby mode, the strips are turned off too. The tiny LED’s are colour changing and have 16 different colours to select from as well as adjustable brightness functionality and features great affects such as:

  • Static
  • Flash
  • Strobe
  • Fade
  • Smooth

All-in-all, I would definitely recommend the LED TV Backlight Kits and, for only £22.92 (inc. VAT), you'd be crazy not to get one too... so don't miss out!

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