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Insulation Covered Fire Rated Downlights

We all know the benefits of using fire rated downlights. Not only can they can be life savers, they provide peace of mind, help us meet building regulations and in the unfortunate event that they do encounter a fire, they certainly won't help it spread!

It’s now possible to buy insulation coverable fire rated downlights, which have that bit of extra breathing space to allow to you to install them in areas filled with insulation. (Or to add new insulation if you’ve got a draughty house or you’re winter proofing). Of course, that’s great if you’re looking to replace your existing downlights or fit completely new ones, but if not, you might not be too keen on all the hassle (and costs) involved.

Aurora's great new insulation covers allow you to cover your existing fire rated downlights in insulation, giving you the reassurance of complete fire protection without having to replace your existing fittings. Insulation Caps keep the insulation at a safe distance from the downlight, leaving enough room for the air to circulate and the heat to disperse.

At only £1.33 per insulation cap, they're not a financial strain, and they're available in three different sizes to correspond with your current downlights. They're easy to install and mean no more meddling with plasterboard, fire hoods and chicken wire, and they also help solve cold spots.

A small and simple solution to one of the biggest problems.


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