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Where Should You Install Outdoor Lighting?

Where Should You Install Outdoor Lighting?

Are you thinking of installing some outdoor lighting at your property, but you’re not sure where to place it? Then this post is for you.

There is a whole host of different outdoor lighting available, with a range of different functions. First of all, you should ask yourself what you want your outdoor lighting to do. Is it for security purposes? Or do you just want atmospheric lighting in the garden for summer parties and barbecues? Or maybe you want to create a grand lead-up to your home for visitors arriving in the evening?

Below we have outlined the best places to install your outdoor lighting in a variety of different scenarios. We’ve also recommended some models from Juice’s extensive range of outdoor lighting that would work well in different outdoor locations!

To Guide the Way: The Driveway and Front Door


Lighting at the front of your house has two functions. Firstly, it allows you or visitors to find your way to the front door in the dark. This is especially important if you have a long driveway. Secondly, it makes your property look fantastic!

For a simple solution, you can install a light by your front door. That way people can easily see the door and the house number, and you don’t have to fumble around in the dark finding your keys. Why not browse our range of outdoor lanterns? They look elegant and stylish next to your front door, as well as providing that all-important illumination.

Another good lighting idea is to line your driveway with lights. This way both cars and people on foot can clearly see where they’re going. And it has the added bonus of looking great too! You could install post lights along the edges of the driveway, for example the Saxby Louvre Bollard Light (shown in the image above). Or alternatively you could choose LED drive over lights such as the Firstlight 2337ST. Whatever you choose, with driveway and front door lighting, your property is guaranteed to make a great first impression.

For Patio Areas: Wall Lights


If you have a patio area in your garden, bar, or restaurant, then you’ll want it to be enjoyed on summer evenings. For this, you need good lighting. We would recommend installing wall lights in the patio area: they provide nice bright lighting so that you can enjoy the space to the full. Or if your patio is covered, ceiling lights can work really well too. At Juice we have a wide variety of outdoor wall and ceiling lights available: take a look through our range.

For Ambience: Decking and Flowerbeds


If you want to create a bit of ambience in your outdoor areas, nothing beats ground-level lighting. It emits a subtle glow that makes for a magical atmosphere. If you have decking in your garden then the Saxby Ikon Pro lights are perfect for adding that additional low-level lighting. They are available in warm white, “daylight”, blue or colour changing: the choice is yours!

For the rest of the garden, soft lighting in the flowerbeds works really well as effective ambient lighting. You could either use spike lights or post lights, depending on the height of your plants and the effect you want to create. Spike lights can make the light seem to emit from nowhere, whereas post lights will be more visible features.

As Security: Your Property Walls or Perimeters


Another of the main reasons why people install outdoor lighting is for security purposes. Security lights have movement sensors that cause the light to come on when movement is detected. This immediately alerts you to the presence of an intruder approaching your property.

We would recommend placing security lights either on the wall of your property or next to fences or gates—so that you are alerted if somebody climbs over. You can view Juice’s extensive range of security and floodlights here.

For Safety: Stairways and Steps


If you have stairways or steps outdoors, this is an important place to install lighting, to ensure safety. But just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it has to be boring: Juice offers a range of stylish stair lights and brick lights to jazz up your stairs. Brick lights work particularly well, as they can be integrated into the wall in an unobtrusive way for subtle lighting effects.

Or if you have steps as part of your decking, you can use the Saxby Ikon Pro decking lights we mentioned earlier.

Juice: Experts in Outdoor Lighting

If you have any questions about outdoor lighting or would like more information on any of the lights we offer, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team are experts in the field and will be happy to offer advice. Give us a call on 0333 456 7895 or use our contact form.


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