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Insanely Easy Home & Garden Hacks [Infographic]

How many times have you came across a problem in your everyday life and you just know, somewhere out there, there must exist a simple solution that you will kick yourself for not thinking of? Sometimes, the best ideas are the most simple and we’ve put together this infographic with some home & garden hacks that our readers will hopefully find to be useful!

For the garden, there are a number of items around the house that can be recycled for other purposes. Take lemons, for example. After using a lemon for its juice/zest, keep the peel, remove the inner flesh, create a drainage hole in the bottom and start your seedlings in it! The best thing about this is that once the seedlings are ready to be planted you can plant the whole thing, lemon peel and all! Super simple and zero mess. Another item that can be used for the same purpose is toilet paper rolls. All you need to do is cut some slits in the bottom of the roll and fold them over to create a little pot. Then plant your seeds and watch them grow! Toilet paper rolls will also decompose in the soil so no need to remove them from the tube!

Insanely Easy Home & Garden Hacks - An infographic by the team at Juice Electrical Supplies

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If you’ve ever had to leave a key hidden in the garden for a friend or relative, you know that it can be quite daunting. What if the hiding place is too easy? What if someone breaks in? What if the key gets lost? If you have any small, capsule like containers lying around use them to hide a spare key in your garden! Just stick an inconspicuous item from your garden such as a stone or pine cone to the container and bury it so that only the item you glued to it is visible. Potential intruders will be unaware and it will be easily recognisable to those who need to find it.

Now we love cleaning hacks almost as much as we love barbecues. So how about a cleaning hack FOR our barbecue? It’s safe to say that barbecue cleaning is probably the only thing most people dislike about grilling some tasty food outdoors in the height of summer but did you know there is a natural, easy way to clean your grill? When the grill is hot, take half an onion and rub it on the grill with a fork. The acid in the onion will help to remove any grime and the disinfectant properties of the onion will help to kill bacteria. Not only does this eliminate using any nasty chemicals, but it gives your grill a nice seasoning for the food you’re about to cook!

If you like our hacks make sure you share them with your friends! Do you have any great home or garden tips that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know by commenting below, Tweeting us @JuiceElectrical or writing on our Facebook Wall.


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