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Illuminate your Garden with Outdoor Lighting by Firstlight

Illuminate your Garden with Outdoor Lighting by Firstlight

A magical time of year for many of us, the Summer months mean longer days and lighter nights so we can look forward to spending more time outdoors. Warmer weather usually evokes happiness and the ‘feel good factor’ as we begin receiving those invitations for barbeques and outdoor birthday parties. It’s also a time when we can simply sit outside and relax after a long day at work.

The ambient glow of outdoor lighting contributes massively to that overall atmosphere we can experience in a well-groomed, cared for garden. We have hand-picked a selection of products that promise quality, style, choice and value for money. So, come and see what we have to offer that will inspire you to illuminate your garden with outdoor lighting by Firstlight...

Garden Lamp Posts and Bollard Lights

We all know that first impressions count so a good place to start is at the front of your property; lamp posts stand tall and proud to make sure your house stands out, providing a great source of comfort when you arrive home in the dark.

Bollard lights can act as a beacon to guide your visitors safely up the driveway or placed intermittently beside pathways. Choose from many styles, traditional and modern to round and square, there’ll be something to suit your preferred design.


Garden, Ground and Deck Lights

Ground and deck lights can make a world of difference to your outdoor areas. You can create a relaxing ambience in your favourite ‘spot’ or make a feature out of your decking.

Made specifically to be walked over and driven over, the Firstlight 3418GP has a modern graphite finish with bright white, energy efficient LED's. They provide functionality, a touch of security and attractive lighting to complement your home and garden nicely.

Garden spike lights tend to be an affordable option that add an instant source of light with their easy installation. Simply place in the ground and you're good to go. LED versions are also available if you want the most energy efficient models.

For more on spike lighting, have a read of our blog entitled '5 of our Sassiest Spike Lights' and feel free to comment.


Outdoor Wall Lighting

Traditional or designer, outdoor wall lights are a must for exterior settings. Today’s market has exploded with a massive choice of fittings to suit every taste and every location. Firstlight have even catered for coastal environments with their new ‘Nautic’ range of bulk head lights that have solid brass construction designed to be hard wearing as well as decorative.

3433 lifestyle

Another new arrival is the ‘Carlton’ outdoor wall light. Made using die-cast aluminium and glass with a graphite finish, this designer wall light makes a super effective light pattern as you can see in the image below.

Firstlight 5945GP_lifestyle-2

Brick Lights and Stair Lights

By adding brick lights and outdoor stair lighting to your outside areas, you can make sure that your home is safer and create a warmer environment. Whether you want to see where you are going or just want to add some atmosphere to your BBQ's when the sun goes down... with a varied range of options, Firstlight has the perfect solution for you.


Outdoor Lighting Collections

Exterior lighting is as much a statement piece as it is a useful garden feature. Something that friends, neighbours and guests will notice. Eyes are drawn towards any light so it’s important that you choose complementary fittings to show off your garden to its fullest potential.

A good way to do this is by opting for outdoor lighting collections. You can then mix and match a variety of fittings that fit well together and brighten your home exterior. There’s nothing more satisfactory than standing back and seeing everything blend well together using the same style, tone and design.


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