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How to use colour in the home

When I decided to write a blog about using colours around the home, I thought it would take me five minutes to research it, and then another five to easily organise all the colours in to categories. However, what I found was loads of snippets of random information all over the place. Some people are interested in light and dark, bright and dull, what goes with what, but I'm a simple kinda gal, and I just want to know what colour would look good where.

To make things easier for myself, I made a little chart to help pinpoint a colour and see what it can do. In the end it just seemed simpler to put it on here, rather than making lots of boring lists that none of you will want to read. I've only made a few suggestions about what colour should go in what room on here as we're all individuals, and while some of us might want a relaxing haven of a bathroom, others may want one that will wake them up in a morning and send them on their way more effectively than three cups of coffee.

This is the fruit of my labour. Please excuse it's simplicity (or I'll bring back the lists...) and enjoy your decorating! Just click on the image below to open up the bigger link...




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