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How to Make Use of Your Fairy Lights All Year Round

When we say fairy lights, where does your mind go? To that tangled mess in a box in the attic that you dread unpacking each December? Or perhaps to the gaudy flashing traffic hazards that neighbours like to drape excessively over their homes during winter? Here at Juice, we believe festive lights can be much more than tree decorations and have compiled a list of creative (and tasteful) ways to use them in your home all year round. Oh and in terms of saving energy? By choosing LED lights you can actually save energy in comparison to standard fairy lights or bulbs!

Fairy Lights in the Fireplace

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, real or not, you can re-create that toasty glow without the high cost of electricity, gas or wood, yay!

We recommend choosing a golden toned fairy light, such as this warm white LED set and simply piling them up into your empty fireplace.

We felt we should mention that you should never turn on any form of fire whilst you have fairly lights sitting inside or around it, or you may face both a fire hazard and the job of scraping melted plastic off of your tiles…

Fairy Lights for the Bedroom

You can turn your bedroom into a glowing little sanctum of relaxation with the help of a few little fairy lights.

One of our favourite methods is to wind a string of fairy lights round and round a bedframe or headboard. This makes for a lovely reading light in the evenings too! If you don’t have a headboard, you can actually shape one out lights; try using our fairy light wall art method below.

Fairy Lights as a Picture Rail

This creative little project looks great in any room and is a wonderful way to display all your favourite photos, postcards, letters and pictures. All you’ll need is a string of fairy lights, some cable clips, pegs, and of course something to hang on it.

Simply pin each end of the fairy lights to the wall using a cable clip (careful not to pierce the wire!) and space pegs evenly along to hold your pictures. You can zigzag the lights down the wall as many times as you want.


Fairy Lights in the Garden

Fairy lights don’t just belong in the house. You can turn your garden into a magical looking location with the help of some outdoor lighting. It’s important to make sure that your lights are suitable for outdoor use before getting creative, so check before you buy.

You can decorate trees, columns, fences and even table umbrellas using fairy lights or LED Ropelights. With a tree trunk, column or post, try wrapping the sting of lights round and round from top to bottom to create a candy cane effect. You can even take this one step further by bringing the lights up into the branches of a tree and draping them throughout.

Fairy Lights in Jars and Vases

Whilst it might sound a bit odd to be using old jars to decorate your home, the effect of filling a glass jar with fairy lights is actually very beautiful. This DIY trend has been growing in popularity recently and is all the rage on sites like Pinterest. You can use any kind of jar or vase (we especially like mason jars) and simply fill it with any lights you fancy! You can either use a single string of fairy lights per jar, or if you wanted multiple jars in a row, draping a longer set of lights into each jar or vase looks great too!

Fairy Lights as Wall Art

This one is a bit trickier to pull off but the effect is completely worth it! If you fancy turning your fairy lights into wall art, it’s possible to shape them into words or images. This looks great in any colour but we think using a string of brightly coloured bulbs adds a hint of Vegas-esque fun; we recommend something like pink, red or blue LED sets.

We’ve come up with a few steps to help;

  1. Draw out your design true to size using plain string. You can then play around with sizing, shapes and adjustments easily.
  2. Measure the string design to find out what length of fairy light string you will need to avoid missing off that last letter.
  3. Use small pieces of electrical tape to apply the design to the wall.
  4. If you want a more permanent feature then you could use a fixture such as a cable clip (if you do this make sure your lights aren’t plugged in and don’t pierce through the wire!)
  5. Et voila! Turn on your lights and admire your masterpiece.


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