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How to Keep Your Garden Secure with Lighting

How to Keep Your Garden Secure with Lighting

Lighting can make a great addition to the look and ambience of your garden. But it can also have another function: security! Don’t let intruders or burglars hide under the cover of darkness.

First of all, installing security lights in your garden is an effective deterrent, because intruders will see them and be less likely to take the risk of setting them off by trespassing in your garden. And second of all, if someone does enter your garden, the security lights coming on will alert you and neighbours that someone is there, and likely scare the intruder off too!

However, not all security lighting is the same. There is actually a range of different security lights you can use to keep your garden secure. For maximum security, you should use a combination of all of them.

A PIR Light at Your Front Door

eterna lantern

PIR stands for passive infrared. A passive infrared sensor on a light makes it switch on when it detects movement. Many lantern lights that are perfect for by the front door come with PIR sensors, which means they can serve the dual function of being a decorative element and alerting you if any intruders are in the front garden. The focus for outdoor security lighting is often on the back garden, but intruders may approach from the front of the property as well: make sure you’re covered.

Use a Floodlight in the Back Garden

knightsbridge twin

In the back garden, you’ll likely have a larger area that needs covering. We recommend installing a floodlight on the wall at the back of your house to provide bright lighting that can span the whole garden. Again, the majority of floodlights come with a PIR sensor to detect movement. You’re sure to dazzle and deter any unwanted visitors!

Install Wall Lights on Your Side Walls


Burglars are always on the lookout for dark, shady access routes they can use to get in and out of a property without getting caught. It’s not just the garden you need to think about: it’s those potential access points too. Install lights in the side alleyways of your house so that intruders don’t see these places as an easy way in.

Place Some Security Lights at Ground Level

ground floodlight

Think further than your building perimeters, to the outskirts of your garden. Make sure intruders have nowhere to hide. At Juice we have a range of ground-level security lights, including spike lights and floodlights, which will switch on when they detect movement. Try placing them on the edges of the lawn or nestled in flower beds. That way there’s no chance of someone climbing over the fence at the back of the garden and hiding in the bushes without being caught.

Create a Customised and Comprehensive Security Light System

Did you know that you can buy PIR sensors separately? For example, take a look at the Eterna External PIR Sensor. You can link them up to security lights, meaning a sensor could be placed round the corner and trigger a security light to switch on preemptively.

In addition, the Titan line contains a whole range of products that can be connected to one another to create a complete and comprehensive security system.


Juice has you covered when it comes to garden security lighting. If you have any questions about any of our security lighting products, then feel free to get in touch. Our friendly outdoor lighting experts are always happy to help! Call us today on 0333 456 7895.


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