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How to choose outdoor lights!

With such a huge variety of lighting options to choose from, it's often difficult to know where to begin. Whether you are looking to light up your garden, accentuate features or add a little security, everything you need to know is in this blog. It's important to not only consider what you want to light up, but also what you should light up to add that extra security. So, how to choose outdoor lights....

Stunning view of a garden at sunset Stunning view of a garden at sunset

Quick Tips:

  • Use soft ground lights or downward facing lights for paths and drives
  • Brick and stair lights are great for highlighting stairs and different levels
  • Post lights cover larger areas of ground and gardens
  • Solar garden lights are simplest, quickest and most cost-efficient to install
  • Up-lighting walls and fences adds depths and gives the impression of being larger
  • Lighting behind bushes and plants creates great organic shadows
  • Always remember to add more light to areas of access and eliminate areas of shade
  • Avoid glare by ensuring no lighting points in yours or any neighbouring windows

Path, deck and drive lights

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Lighting drives and pathways is one of the most important elements of your landscape lighting. You should provide a warm welcoming feel to your path and drive without creating a runway effect or blinding yourself and your guests. The easiest way to do this is to choose low power lighting (such as LED or low voltage) or direct light downwards. These ground, deck and drive lights offer soft, warm up-light that give a clean contemporary look to your lighting. Using spike lights allows you to position the spike where you want and direct the light on to paths or drives (and also features).

Stair and Level Lighting

Stair lights are a great way to modernise your outdoor lighting and add a bit of safety


Gardens with stairs and inclines also require consideration (particularly for commercial premises). To ensure the highest levels of safety it's a good idea to light up any steps, drops or changes in levels. This can be easily done using brick lights or spike lights. Brick lights are a great way of incorporating lighting into building work and gives your lighting scheme a modern and fresh look.

Post Lights

Lamp post lights spread light over larger areas Lamp post lights spread light over larger areas

If you are struggling to add a bit of structure to your garden or outdoor areas, using post and lamp post lights are a great way of helping. You can use post lights to define paths, drives and people/pet friendly areas and, lighting up larger areas with ease. Don't, however, be too tempted to be too structured or symmetrical as this can make your garden look like a runway or car park.

7635-000.p.2.assisi Quickest and simplest way to add lighting to your garden... and they don't cost anything to run!

Solar Garden Lights

Using solar garden lighting is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to add lighting to your garden landscape. With no need to hire electricians, or run cables through your garden, solar lighting is a fantastic alternative that costs you nothing to run. It's also a great added security benefit as it's always lit up and you will never need to remember to turn it on or keep power running to it.

Security Lights

RIO E27 BLACK SILVER COPPER HALF LANTERN Even security lighting can add a stylish twist to your garden

One of the frequent questions we get asked is 'how can I improve security in my garden?'. The simple answer is keep everything lit up as much as you can for as long as you can. This gives would-be burglars nowhere to hide but isn't cost-effective and won't show your garden space off to its full potential. Our advice is to have different levels of lighting throughout your garden, but ensure there are security lights that cover the access points (doors and windows). Using PIR motion detectors to control lighting ensures they are only used when needed.

7670-000.p.9.messina Shower a wall with light to add a dramatic effect

Dramatic Lighting

For those that want to create dramatic lighting schemes there are some fantastic products and ideas you can use. Lighting walls and fences gives the perception of depth and space and, when combined with up-lighting feature plants and trees, can create dramatic shadows. Coloured and colour changing LED's can create spectacular garden scenes and even (with wall wash lighting) light your home up and bring your home and garden to life. Submersible lighting can be used to create stunning features of ponds, fountains and pools allowing you to make the most of everything in your garden.

When you get it right, garden lighting can make your home feel like it flows from the inside to the outside and becomes another 'room' in your home! So, browse the fantastic range of outdoor lighting available at Juice, or call our expert sales team on 0333 4567895 for more information.


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