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How Much Does It Cost To Watch Your Favourite TV Shows? Part 2

We all know that the entertainment business is worth a lot of money but did you know that the estimated revenue of the broadcasting industry is worth BILLIONS? That’s right, in 2012 alone the revenue of the U.S. broadcasting industry was estimated at an astounding $121.13billion. That’s up from $89.56billion in 2005. Maybe we’re in the wrong industry after all…

As promised, here is part two of our TV show cost guide. We looked at the IMDb top 50 highest rated shows and calculated how much time, energy and money it would take to watch them. Some were a surprise, others were not. I mean, how long did you think it would take to watch all 8 seasons of Dexter?


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First up in part two of the infographic is Leyla & Mecnun; a Turkish surreal comedy which revolves around the love of Mecnun for Leyla. Although it’s only 3 seasons long, you can expect to spend 5 days and 18 hours watching this show with a cost of between £1.28 and £2.32. The longest show, however, would be The Simpsons which comes as no surprise as it’s now about the begin its 26th season!

Hardcore Simpsons fans will have spent 9 days and 14 hours watching these episodes (assuming they’ve only watched each episode once!). That comes in at between £2.12 and £3.83. Looking at the average amount of time in the U.S. and the UK that people spend watching TV each day, it would take the average American just over 41 days to watch all Simpsons episodes and the average Brit 57.5 days if they watched nothing else during their viewing time.

As with part one, we used the IMDb top rated shows and tiii.me to work these figures out. Look for your favourites and work out your total if you dare!

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