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How much does it cost to power your home?

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This infographic takes you on a trip through the average home, showing how much we spend on certain appliances in the course of a year. This blog was inspired by ‘Powering the Nation’, a fantastic report into home energy usage, produced by the DECC, DEFRA, and the Energy Saving Trust.

Did you know that the energy we use in our homes makes up over a quarter of our countries total CO² emissions? We spend an average of £716.80 a year powering our many appliances and gadgets; a staggering £50 - £86 of this is consumed by appliances left on standby. If you’d like to find out where you personally are spending the most, consider using an energy monitor – some energy suppliers will even give you one for free, or for switching to them. Energy monitors provide real time readings, so you can experiment turning things on and off to see where you’re using the most electricity, and identify high energy culprits.

Traditionally, the kitchen is where we have used the most energy, filled with both cold appliances (fridge and freezer), and heat producing appliances like the cooker and kettle. Nowadays, the living room is coming in at a close second, or even exceeding the energy usage of the kitchen, with energy hungry TV’s, numerous games consoles, set top boxes and home cinema systems. The humble VCR and CRT television would cost us only £24 a year, compared to the £109 it costs to run a plasma screen TV and a DVD player! 98% of homes own at least one TV, but many homes have a TV in almost every room. You could run 3 LCD TV’s for the price of one plasma TV, so these would be the better option for the energy conscious homeowner. The living room is the main place where we waste electricity leaving items on standby. If you’re forgetful, or have trouble accessing the sockets and switches, home automation devices allow you to control lights and sockets by remote control, or even text message!

The average household spends £35 a year on home computing. Amazingly it only costs around £4 a year to power a laptop, and a huge £30 a year to power a desktop computer and monitor. A fax machine can cost up to £23 a year, so consider scanning and emailing instead (a scanner and printer combined only cost £6 a year). Be sure to switch off your laptop and mobile phone chargers when you’re not using them. They’ll keep using the same amount of power even when they’re not attached to anything.

Predictably, lighting takes up a huge chunk of our energy bill. The minimal use of energy saving light bulbs is likely to be the cause of this; with inefficient incandescent and halogen bulbs taking up 71% of Britain’s homes. We use the most lighting in the kitchen and living room, and it’s now possible to get energy saving light bulbs for any fitting from spotlights and strip lights to chandeliers and table lamps. Motion sensors and PIRs are ideal for lights you don’t use very often or might forget to turn off. They’re great in hallways, toilets, laundry rooms and for patios, porches and sheds. You can even get tiny cabinet sensors to control cabinet lights and strip lights in the kitchen.

You might be wondering how much electricity a few of the other things lying around the house might cost you every year, so we’ll end with a slightly surprising little list:

  • Paper Shredder - £0.04
  • Baby Monitor - £1
  • Hair Straightener - £1
  • Hair Dryer - £3
  • Air Conditioner - £6
  • Fan - £7
  • Pond Pump - £32
  • Aquarium - £40
  • Dehumidifer - £76

If you’d like to make savings on you electricity usage immediately, you could try Voltage Management, which reduces the voltage coming in to your home. In Britain we love our clean clothes, our televisions, our video games, our hot meals and our dishwashers. But with a bit of attention we can still have all these things, whilst loving our bank accounts and our planet at the same time!

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