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Haverland Electric Heating... Heavenly!

Haverland Electric Heating... Heavenly!

Electric Heating at Home

Another year has flown by and before we know it, Winter (including Christmas) is upon us again. As we try to prepare our finances for the dreaded heating bills, gas prices are on the increase – are they ever not in Winter? But it’s not all bad news, as something else is also on the rise – electric heating!

Electric radiators give you total control over the running and cost of your heating system. With exceptionally precise thermostats they can be controlled individually or with a standard central heating panel. They also require very little maintenance and no annoying annual service. With fewer components there is less to go wrong, and what could be worse than the heating breaking down in the middle of a blizzard? Our favourites are the stunning models from Haverland...

Haverland Electric Heating

Every Haverland electric radiator is supplied with a three year electronic guarantee and a ten year radiator block guarantee. And with Haverland’s advanced thermal technology, such as fluid, gel and dry stone, you’ll never need to bleed a radiator again. All Haverland radiators are slim, stylish, noise free and can be fitted almost anywhere. All you need to do is screw on the wall brackets, slot in the radiator and plug it in to any nearby socket. No plumbing or wiring is required, and the clean technology means no staining, dust or soot.

Electric heating gives you total control; heating at the temperature, time and location you desire, so no more heating of unused areas. You decide! To work out what radiators you need, and how many, all you need to find out is the size of the room in square metres. Every square metre requires 100W of power, so a room averaging 10m² would require a 1KW radiator.

Haverland Electric Heating

Electric Heating for your Bathroom

Don't forget your bathroom! It needs to be cosy and warm too so you can relax and unwind. Haverland offers a cost effective solution with its Designer TE range of electric towel rails that have a ladder style design. Available in 3 sizes, they are supplied with wall supports and mounting template. Plus, they have a 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

Haverland Designer TE electric heating Designer TE Range

If you're looking for a contemporary design that makes a style statement as well as delivering bathroom comfort and performance, have a look at the Designer XTAL 'flat plate' style towel warmers. The entire surface of the glass plate, which is safety-tempered, heats up to make it more effective and can be programmed via the radio frequency digital thermostat. They are highly energy efficient, easy to install and come with fixing brackets. Good looking as well as revolutionary!

Haverland Designer XTAL electric heating Designer XTAL Range


So feel warm and snug with your electric radiators and bathroom towel warmers this Winter. Erase all worries of large heating bills, broken boilers and the guest room always being cold. Don’t we already have enough to worry about… like if we remembered the cranberry sauce?


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