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The Greenest Tech Companies [Infographic]

Think tech, think green?

Maybe not so much, but over the past few years six major cloud brands have committed to 100% renewable energy for everything from running their data centers to the manufacturing of new products.

Six may seem like an insignificant number but when you start to throw names like Apple, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Box and Rackspace in to the mix, it all starts to get a little bit more serious.

Greenpeace, in their most recent report Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet, published in April 2014, examined how the internet’s growing energy footprint has thus far been mostly concentrated in places where energy is the dirtiest. Since their 2012 report, leading data center operators have taken huge steps towards building a greener internet. It’s these commitments which are having a profound effect on the world, shifting investment from coal, gas and nuclear power sources to renewable energy technologies.

The infographic below distils the information from the 83-page report in to an easily digestible form. Rating fourteen of the largest cloud-based companies on everything from transparency about their energy use to their green energy index rating, and usage of coal, nuclear power and natural gas, it’s easy to see, at a glance, who is top of the green companies class:


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Top Takeaways

  • Recently 6 major cloud brand have committed to 100% renewable energy – which would results in a renewable powered Internet (Apple, Box, Facebook, Google, Rackspace, Salesforce)
  • Energy transparency is on the rise with significant improvement form Facebook and Apple.
  • Amazon and Twitter are both still lacking in the transparency department.
  • Google continues to lead the pack with its commitment to a renewably powered Internet.
  • Facebook continue to show commitment with the location of a data center in Iowa – resulting in the biggest purchase of wind turbines ever.
  • Apple is the most significantly improved company since the last index was run.

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