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Everything you need to know about LED Light Bulbs

Everything you need to know about LED Light Bulbs

What is an LED?

Before we talk about everything you need to know about LED light bulbs, it's interesting to know exactly what an LED is.....

LED is an acronym for ‘light emitting diode’. You’ve probably seen them before – they’re most commonly used as indicator lights on things like TV’s, laptops, and cookers. They can also be found in cars, traffic lights, planes and Christmas lights.

How can LED Lighting benefit me?

LED Lighting benefits the world! LED Light bulbs last for ages. Even cheap ones can last for many years, and some can keep going for up to 20! They’re also super energy efficient – consuming much less power than other bulbs. Did you know that incandescent bulbs lose most of their energy to the heat they produce when turned on? LED light bulbs remain cool, which also helps prevent burnt fingers, and makes them less of a fire hazard. Silent, flicker free, and available in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours (and colour changing). And if you use dimmable bulbs, there’s an LED bulb option for those too!

Do LED Lights take ages to warm up?

Not at all. In fact, they reach full brightness immediately. LED’s produce a brilliant and focused light, so you won’t need to use any extra lenses or reflectors either.

Will I need to buy new light fittings?

Only if you want to. LED light bulbs are designed to replace incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, but you can always check the measurements to be sure it’s a good fit. LED light bulbs are available with all the usual bases like Edison Screw, GU10, MR16, Bayonet Cap and G4. If you did want to upgrade your fittings, many are now available with built in LED Lights. Some LED Downlights have such long life LED’s that they will never need a lamp change. You can now find an enormous range of LED Light fittings for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and Christmas lighting.

What colour bulb do I need?

You may have noticed that LED light bulbs have a colour description which you won’t have seen on incandescent bulbs. The closest colour to incandescent lighting is ‘warm white’ which is very slightly brighter but still emits a ‘warm’ and cosy light. The colours increase in brightness to ‘white’ which is the standard colour of most fluorescent tube lights, ‘cool white’ which looks brighter and cleaner, to ‘daylight’ which is the closest simulation of natural light.

Are LED Light Bulbs expensive?

Not unreasonably. They do cost more than their predecessors, but if you take away the cost of replacing the bulb several times plus the reduction of your energy bills, they soon pay for themselves, whilst helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Why not take advantage of our introductory offer on these LED light bulbs, by Energetic. They are only £3.95 (£4.74 including VAT) and offer up to 30,000 hours lifetime! Bargain!

LED Light Bulbs

Advancing all the time, LED technology really is the future of safe and economical lighting. If you want to go greener, jump on the LED bandwagon and choose LED light bulbs!!

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