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Emergency Light Emergency - What's What?

In this blog we're going to take a quick look at emergency lighting. That's the battery backed up lights that switch on when there's a power cut, and the exit signs we follow when looking for a way out. With such a huge range available, it can often be a difficult task to kit out your workplace.

Emergency batten

 The emergency lights you see most often in shops and restaurants are in the form of bulkheads and battens. These lights are described as non maintained, which means they are usually turned off, only coming on when the power cuts. These are easiest to install in existing buildings as they don't interfere with the current lighting scheme, although many can be bulky and unattractive. The Ansell Astro emergency bulkhead lights are available with two different colours and two different style diffusers, so they may be the easiest to blend in to the decor.

Ansell AstroHowever, if you're fitting a new building with emergency lighting, or if you fancy a change, many more decorative wall, ceiling and modular light fittings are now available with built in emergency functions. The fantastic Ansell Galaxy Downlights, which are small, compact and have a huge range of decorative accessories available. Maintained emergency lights remain on all the time.

ansellgalaxyemerg Ansell Galaxy

It's always necessary to use exit signs in any facility. These are permanently illuminated, and highlight the nearest exit or fire escape route. Ansell supply a varied range of exit signs, and the various legends (the part with the running man and the arrow) required. From the Guardsman and Watchman exit box, the Hawk compact recessed exit sign, and the Kestrel hanging sign, Ansell's exit signs are all designed to be stylish and functional. Legends are also available for use with the Galaxy Downlights, so you could use them alone to create a complete lighting scheme.

ansell watchmanEven though our emergency lights can almost all be used with energy saving light bulbs, you might be looking for an even more environmentally friendly solution. If so, take a look at LED emergency lighting.

With a range of exit boxes, LED emergency bulkheads and downlights from various fantastic suppliers, you'll find something to suit your business and your wallet!


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