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Elnur Ingenium Electric Heaters - Too hot to handle?!

Elnur Ingenium Electric Heaters - Too hot to handle?!

"Are there any products that provide plenty of warmth, but won't burn you to touch?"

We often get asked this question about electric radiators! The answer, in simple, is yes! Introducing the fantastic Elnur Ingenium electric heaters, a range of low surface temperature radiators that are safe, simple to fit and even energy efficient!

Elnur Ingenium electric heaters The best thing in electric heating since... electric was invented!

The modern and functional Elnur Ingenium electric heaters have been designed to fully comply with NHS guidelines. This means that not only are they 100% safe and energy efficient, they are the perfect choice for use in hospitals, care homes, schools and nurseries. Ideal for the elderly and those with children too.

Some 'techy' info about Ingenium Electric Heaters

All the Ingenium electric heaters come pre-installed with a digital controller and electric chrono-thermostat. This gives you maximum control to help reduce energy consumption. The Ingenium's second party-trick is the in-built ETCO (electronic triac control optimiser). This brilliant little electronic chip uses the information provided by the thermostat to manage and control the flow of electricity. To put it simply, it makes sure you have the heat you want, when you want it, and uses the least amount of electricity to do it! It does all of this with a maximum surface temperature of 43°C.

Elnur Ingenium electric heaters Elnur Ingenium electric heaters - it's childs play!

Key Functions of the Elnur Ingenium

  • Digital display for clock, selected temperature, room temperature and programming
  • Weekly / daily programmer
  • Three-mode temperature selector (Comfort, Economy and Frost Protection)
  • Lockable Keypad, preventing unwanted program change
  • Built-in electronic ambient thermostat with ±0.10C accuracy
  • Maintenance free

So, with some of the most advanced technology available in electric heating, 10 years warranty, free delivery and unbeatable prices, you'd be daft not to take a look at the Ingenium range. Click here to view online or call our Juice Electrical Supplies on 0333 4567895.


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