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Electric Heating for Bathrooms

Electric Heating for Bathrooms

Electric heating has become more and more for bathrooms can be a troublesome thing to get right as they are often chilly. Many bathrooms have cold stone or tiled floors and its windows are forever opening and closing. Not to mention getting out of the shower on a cold morning. *Shivers*. Fortunately there are a number of ways you can keep your bathroom warm and comfortable. We take a look at some of our favourites...

Heated Towel Rails

The undisputed champion of bathroom heating is a heated towel rail as it provides luxurious heat for both you and your towels. You can actually look forward to getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself snuggly in a warm towel. Modern towel rails are stunning and stylish, and are usually constructed from shiny chrome or coloured glass. The preferred type of heating system nowadays is electric heating, which has some fantastic benefits. It's green, clean, cheaper, easy to install, and electric radiators are controlled individually. Therefore, you don't have to crank up the temperature of the whole house just to keep the bathroom warm.

Chrome-towel-rail T700PcUnderfloor Heating

If you'd prefer toasty toes to a toasty towel then underfloor heating may be right for you as it provides great electric heating for bathrooms. Underfloor heating mats are surprisingly easy to install although we'd recommend a professional do it. They're incredibly economical, are totally concealed and heat the entire floor area. Underfloor heating is also ideal for use in places frequented by children or elderly people as there are no radiators or hot parts to cause a risk of burning.

Electric heating for bathrooms

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery is more of a heating aid than a complete solution, but it's a fantastic idea that should be considered for every bathroom. Heat Recovery units remove moist air from a room just like a normal ventilation fan does. And we know there is plenty of moist air in a bathroom. The warm air from the bathroom then warms the cool air that is coming in from the outside. So the bathroom is well ventilated but remains warm. Heat Recovery Units are often more efficient than fans.  They are just as easy to fit and, by controlling humidity, can help control damp throughout the house with just one unit.

910422_56339905 Electric heating for bathrooms On the bright side, at least our bathrooms will never be as cold as this one...


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