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Ecombi Electric Heaters - the best storage heaters ever?

We are extremely excited to welcome Elnur’s latest innovation, the ultra-efficient and economical Ecombi electric heaters. A range of environmentally friendly storage heaters, they promise to keep you comfortable and warm, any time of the day or night, no matter what the weather!

Ecombi Electric Heaters

The super smart Ecombi system accurately predicts the amount of energy needed by constantly monitoring the room temperature. It does this by using its clever, highly sensitive thermostat, known as the ESICC (Ecombi Smart Input Charge Control). Using this information, it adjusts accordingly to ensure you always have the desired heat. Using the most efficient and cheapest source of electricity enables energy consumption to be reduced.

esicc-1 Ecombi electric heaters

Control and efficiency is 'key' so that you can easily save money on your energy bill. Therefore, take advantage of the Time-Of-Use (TOU) or Time-Of-Day (TOD) low cost, off-peak rates available in your area. It will definitely make a difference!

The ‘Ecombi’ electric heaters have several operating modes designed to adapt fully to your individual needs.

Operating Modes:

  • Automatic Ecombi Mode – runs in a combined mode with automatic correction of the energy charging, to be charged during off-peak tariff
  • Convection Mode – great for heating up a room quickly as and when needed
  • Storage Mode – operates as a standard storage heater
  • Combined storage – operates as a standard storage heater with the addition of a convection system to heat up the room when required
  • Frost Protection Mode – the ideal setting for locations in cold environments where equipment will not be running for long periods.

Using both convection heating and static storage heating, the Ecombi system can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 35%.

User friendly benefits of Ecombi electric heaters include:

  1. Individual thermostat for full control of heat in the room
  2. Different charging periods can be programmed during 24 hours
  3. Managing the energy with delayed charging
  4. Weekly programming to ensure your heating needs are met to the full

The important factors when choosing electric heating is health, safety and sustainability. With this firmly in mind, the Elnur Ecombi system is 100% safe and environmentally friendly with no need for servicing. So take advantage of this fantastic product and call Juice Electrical Supplies now, the super stockists with the best prices…


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