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Control your heating from anywhere in the world...

Control your heating from anywhere in the world...

We, at Juice Electrical Supplies, are super excited to introduce you to a brand new concept... App controlled electric radiators! Yes, you can actually control your heating from anywhere in the world and we are going to tell you how!

The Digi-Line range of electric radiators, from Electrorad, have been designed with a radio frequency central touch screen featuring Wifi gateway and app control.

Wifi Touchscreen Central Control

The brand new Wifi touchscreen central control communicates with the built-in radio receivers in each radiator, allowing you to control the heat in every room by radio signals from one location.

  • Independently control every room
  • Built-in energy monitor
  • Built-in Wifi gateway
  • Radio Frequency signals
  • App control (FREE download for android and apple devices)
Control your heating from anywhere in the world... Touchscreen Central Control

As the touchscreen also communicates wirelessly with your home Wifi network, you are able to control your Digi-Line radiators from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet or PC. The smartphone and tablet app  is called ‘Clevertouch’ and is a free download for android and apple devices.


Control your heating from anywhere in the world

From a simple touch of a button, you can see the heating status of each room in your house, showing the current room temperature, the current heating mode and the thermostat set point.

Control your heating from anywhere in the world

If you want to amend the settings in a particular room, all you have to do is select the room and you will be taken to a new screen. Here, you can adjust the temperature, program or heating modes. No wonder it's called 'Clevertouch'...

Control your heating from anywhere in the world 'Smart Meter' - built-in energy monitor

The touchscreen also has a built in energy monitor (smart meter) to help you keep track of your electricity usage and keep your heating costs down. The controller can tell you exactly how much energy each individual radiator has used as well as how much the entire heating system has used over a period of time, i.e; daily, weekly,  monthly and yearly.

In case you're wondering what other benefits the Digi-Line radiators offer, here's just a few of them...

Digi-Line Radiator Features:

  • 10 year guarantee
  • 2 year electric and electronic components guarantee
  • Thermal fluid filled for radiant heat
  • Built-in thermostats
  • Radio Frequency Receivers
  • Single and Double panel
  • Conservatory models
  • Steel construction
  • Made in Great Britain

So, if you're keen to know more about these innovative electric heaters, you can read all about the Electrorad Digi-Line thermal radiators here. Not surprisingly, they have been rated Top Product of 2015 by Professional Electrician & Installer. Let us know if you agree... we'd love to hear from you.


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