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The Different Ways to Control Outdoor Lighting

The Different Ways to Control Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting helps create a really fantastic atmosphere in your garden or outdoor space. It’s especially good in the summer months when you want to get the barbecue fired up, entertain guests outside or simply sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

Another added bonus of outdoor lighting is the security aspect: a well-lit outdoor area or security lights that switch on when movement is detected are great ways to deter intruders.

However, you don’t need your outdoor lighting to be on all the in daylight hours, and constantly having to switch it on and off can be a pain. The good news is that there are various automated ways in which you control your outside lighting so you get to enjoy its great decorative effects and security benefits without any hassle or unnecessary energy use.

PIR Presence detectors

“PIR” stands for “Passive Infrared”. PIR sensors are typically used in home burglar alarm systems, as well as in security lights, to detect nearby movement. All objects and living things emit heat energy in the form of infrared radiation that is invisible to the human eye, and a PIR sensor detects movement by noticing a change in these radiation levels. In the case of lighting, this causes the light to switch on.

As mentioned, lighting with PIR detectors makes perfect security lighting at your front door or perimeters, as you are alerted if anyone walks up to your building. At Juice we have a range of different floodlights and security lighting that is perfect for this purpose.


Outdoor lights with PIR detectors can also be great for both atmosphere and safety. For example, our Saxby Ikon Pro decking lights make a beautiful addition for your outdoor space and can be equipped with a motion sensor, which is great for if people will be going in and out the house but you don’t want to keep the lights on constantly. They will detect motion when people go outside, stay on for a fixed amount of time and then switch off automatically. This is great for saving energy.

If you have steps leading down or up to your decking, then having the lights switch on automatically is also a great safety feature which will allow people to find their footing in the dark and prevent them falling over.

Full control with transmitters and receivers

Some lighting allows you to set up transmitters and receivers so that you can set up a customised reactive security system in your home. The Titan RS range allows you to do just that. You can set up sensors to send signals to other devices to trigger lights in different places for all-round security. It’s a great option for those who like full control.

Twilight detector

If you want your outdoor lights to be on constantly after sunset, but don’t want to have to remember to switch them on, then a twilight detector is one great solution. We sell a twilight detector for the Saxby Ikon Pro outdoor lights we mentioned earlier. This special add-on detects when night begins to fall and turns on the lights automatically, and likewise turns them off again at daybreak.

Not only do the Saxby Ikon Pro lights really elevate your outdoor area to give it a stylish and ambient flair, the extra lighting coming on automatically at night is a deterrent for any intruders, helping keep your property safe.

Wooden deck and patio of family home at night.


Photocell lights automatically come on in the evening when it gets dark and switch off again in the morning. They have a twilight detector, like the one mentioned above, built in. They are small sensors that detect light and send a small signal to trigger the bulb to switch on if it is dark or getting dark.

Photocell is a great stress-free, low-energy way to control your outdoor lighting. Here at Juice we have a wide range of photocell-operated outdoor wall and ceiling lights to brighten up your backyard.

Colour control

As well as controlling when your outdoor lights switch on and off, with some light fittings you also have the chance to control the colour of your lighting! This means you can create really cool lighting effects and pick the light colour depending on your mood.

Blurry night light on dark background. Outdoor city night life blurred view. Glowing illumination of new year celebration. Party lights in dark. Nightlife light bokeh banner template. Party invitation

Lights such as the Saxby Seina brick lights and the Saxby Luminatra spike lights come with remote RGB controls that allow you to change the lighting colour without getting out of your seat—perfect for summer parties. And our trusty Saxby Ikon Pro lights come in a colour changing with remote control version too—is there anything those decking lights can’t do?!

We hope you’re feeling informed about the different ways to control outdoor lighting, and maybe even inspired to set up your own outdoor lighting scheme! If you have any more questions, our friendly, expert team here at Juice will be happy to advise: give us a call today on 0333 456 7895.


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