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Can lighting controls help your business?

There are many advantages to well controlled lighting – you can save money, save energy, meet building legislation and impress everyone with your economical lighting ideas and grasp of lighting technology. Lighting controls can be as simple or as complex as you’d like them to be, and there are many ways to utilise them in any business premises from offices and shops to hotels and leisure establishments.  Juice has put together a few ideas to get you started.

  • The ‘Last Man Out’ switch. Placed near the exit, it turns off every light in the building.
  • Occupancy detectors for areas that are not always occupied. They’d be useful in corridors, stairwells, break rooms, bathrooms and elevators. 'Next' even use PIR to control the lighting in their changing rooms. You can buy many lights with built in microwave and PIR sensors.
  • Lights can be used to draw people to certain areas. In cinemas the foyer is dimly lit and the food and ticket kiosks are brightly illuminated. When the kiosks are closed this can be reversed to make them less noticeable to customers leaving the building. This kind of lighting is also handy for highlighting reception areas, shops, mannequins and other points of interest.
  • Dimmable lights can help set a more ambient mood. They’re also handy in meeting rooms where you show presentations or films but want to give people enough light to read or make notes by.
  • Colour changing lights are great in shops, studios and areas where people go to relax. Most fittings can be set to stay on one colour or cycle through a selection – allowing you to set the mood and create impressive and interesting displays.
  • A photocell on the roof of a building can be used to change internal light levels as the daylight changes. Ideal for rooms with lots of natural light to keep light levels constant if it starts getting dark or a big black cloud passes over.

Before choosing lighting controls, always consider the following:

  • What is the area used for?
  • How often is it used?
  • Will people benefit from the controls?
  • Is there a source of daylight in the area?
  • Will the same level of control always be required?

So many things are possible with lighting nowadays that, really, we have no excuse to be boring!


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