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Can energy saving light bulbs be used with dimmer switches?

Yes! But not all of them.

Most CFL (Compact fluorescent) light bulbs can't be dimmed as they're just not designed for it. It's all down to the ballast, which is the device that controls the bulbs electrical current. It was the old outdated magnetic ballasts that gave us the slow, flickering bulbs that we loved to hate. Remember, the ones that took longer to warm up than the kettle? Now electronic ballasts have eliminated these problems, and they've also allowed manufacturers to create dimmable CFL bulbs!

We have a handful of dimmable CFL bulbs on our website including candle bulbs, spiral bulbs and LED bulbs, but keep your eyes peeled for a rapidly expanding range all over the marketplace. So now you know that you can replace your old bulbs with CFL's (or maybe even LED's), we'll give you a quick run through the benefits of switching to energy saving light bulbs.

  • The biggie - they use much less electricity!
  • You'll save money on your electricity bill...
  • ...and on new bulbs as energy saving bulbs last much longer - some LED bulbs can go for twenty years!
  • Although not all of them are dimmable, you can find an energy saving light bulb for almost any fitting under the sun.
  • They help reduce pollution - and your carbon footprint.
  • All modern bulbs are flicker free and reach full brightness almost immediately. They also give off a crisp, clean light.

So it's all a win for energy saving light bulbs!


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