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Beating the noisy bathroom fan

Most kitchen and bathroom fans are noisy to begin with, but they can also get worse with old age, or if they fall in to disrepair. Maybe you're tired of the constant annoying whir or ear splitting banging you have to put up with every time you want to relax in the bath (or the toilet... whatever you like.) You probably just put up with it, safe in the knowledge that the next fan you buy will still be noisy, so there's no point rushing. Well, thanks to Manrose, you're wrong! These fantastic fan makers are here to ensure that we can all read '50 Shades of Grey' in peace (again, bath or toilet - your preference) with their new range of quiet fans. Ideally suited to bathrooms and toilets, these high performance fans are incredible quiet, and remarkably, despite their power and silence, are Manrose' most environmentally friendly fans yet! The Manrose quiet fans are available as a standard model or with a built in timer, pull cord, or a fantastic humidity controlled fan which has a built in sensor to operate the fan automatically. 60% quieter than a same sized equivalent, the Manrose Quiet Fan is ideal if you're upgrading, building anew, or just want some peace and quiet! We hope we've introduced you to a way of successfully beating the noisy bathroom fan...


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