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All The Lighting Inspiration You'll Ever Need

The right light can illuminate and perfect any décor style, be it minimal and artistic or quirky and eclectic. We’ve put together a list of the lights being raved about by bloggers and designers, shared on Pinterest and even recreated by DIY fanatics and Etsy lovers everywhere. It really is all the lighting inspiration you'll ever need! So, what’s your favourite lighting trend?


Image Source:One Kin Design Image Source: One Kin Design

This pendant light is the chic sister of the disco ball. With its mostly high shine surface (the bottom is transparent to provide more light) this piece gives you a fish eye mirror view of the room, adding plenty of interest to a simple piece.

Image Source:My Paradissi Image Source: My Paradissi

These lights are extremely minimal, but hanging multiple bulbs at different lengths creates a softer look. Fitting this lighting in the centre of a room creates an interesting feature and looks unique from every angle.

Image Source:Sarah M. Dorsey Designs Image Source: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

Incredible geometric shape lamps have been a huge hit with minimalist style bloggers lately! The example above is in fact a DIY version (click the link to give it a go yourself). This kind of lamp base really adds a sense of luxury thanks to its metallic colouring and heavy, expensive looking shape.

Image Source:Delightfull Image Source: Delightfull

This incredibly chandelier is chic and simple but it creates a real impact. The black and gold colouring screams luxury but it is kept sleek by the clean lines and fairly even drop distances between pendants.

Image Source:kreyv Image Source: kreyv

These fish bowl style lights are simple and minimal with a wonderfully elegant touch. A great choice if you have a smaller room but still enjoy a strong lighting piece, the clear glass won’t appear as intrusive or overwhelming.


Image Source:The Merry Thought Image Source: The Merry Thought

These hanging basket lights create a massive impact and look perfect hung over a dining table or island counter. They are actually made from metal hanging baskets, so check out the link if you want to create these incredible shades for your own home.

Image Source:Something Is Done Image Source: Something Is Done

This impressive looking fixture is actually made from steel piping and fittings! It has a gorgeous industrial look and the positioning of the bulbs would create a flattering glow in any room. Take a look at the link to see how it was done.

Image Source:Pinterest Image Source:  Pinterest

In the last couple of years the DIY bloggers have gone mad for mason jars, and we don’t blame them! They have so much potential when it comes to lighting – you can fill them with fairy lights, bulbs or even wound up rope lights like the beautiful cluster above.

Image Source: Pinterest Image Source: Pinterest

This tea-cup and pot lamp looks adorable in any room! Stacked high like a scene from the Mad Hatter’s tea party, lamps and chandeliers like this have been cropping up everywhere. The best news is that you can make your own with chinaware of your favourite design!


Image Source:A Bit of Bees Knees Image Source: A Bit of Bees Knees

These incredible works of art are reminiscent of a beautiful fireworks display, especially when clustered together. These fit wonderfully in rooms with a more minimal approach to décor, due to the size and detailing on each, however a single pendant would also look great.

httpss://uk.pinterest.com/pin/197314027396629554/ Image Source: Pinterest

Light up letters are the perfect way to combine a lighting fixture and artistic instillation. You can go for a beautiful traditional style like the design above, or take a more colourful approach with a neon sign. Names, favourite words and even quotes are a popular choice of lettering.


Image Source:Pinterest Image Source: Pinterest

Chandeliers have transformed over the years and are now popular in stunning block colours which make a big impact on any room. These pieces are incredibly intricate and their traditional shape and style gives the room a delightfully eclectic feel in contrast with modern furniture.


httpss://uk.pinterest.com/pin/259097784787590612/ Image Source: Pinterest

Using antlers in décor has been all the rage recently and lighting is no exception. The good thing about this trend is that more and more companies are offering faux antler options made of wood or ceramic, so anyone can add a touch of cabin lodge chic to their home.


Image Source:At Home In Love Image Source: At Home In Love

This piece gives a whole new meaning to the term rope lights. Whilst impactful, strong, and industrial, the natural textures of the ropes mean this fixture would give a rustic feel to any room.

Image Source:At Home In Love Image Source: At Home In Love

This is one of the simplest yet most effective lighting ideas we’ve seen. The branch looks striking against a light wall and any pendant could be hung from it. The nicest thing about this idea is that each one created would be unique thanks to the branches natural shape and wood type.

Image Source:Incredible Things Image Source: Incredible Things

These incredible Jellyfish lamps created by Roxy Russel Design cast a gorgeous ethereal glow similar to that of the real thing. Whether hung alone or as part of a collection, they have a mesmerising effect.

Image Source:Pinterest Image Source: Pinterest

Finally, this piece is truly something special. The intricately arranged elements cast a shadow like that of a fairy-tale forest upon the walls. Whilst this is in fact an art piece, it still serves up some incredible inspiration! Twigs at the ready DIY enthusiasts!


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