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8 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Outdoor Lighting

8 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Outdoor Lighting

Lighting the inside of your home with lamps and light fixtures is an important part of creating a warm and comfortable home, but have you ever stopped to think that outside lighting might be just as important - if not more so?

Read our 8 reasons why every home should have outdoor lighting to discover how outdoor lighting can transform your home for the better.

1.) Create Jaw Dropping Curb Appeal

Outshine all the other houses on your street by incorporating beautiful outdoor lighting at the front of your home. Not only will you home dazzle the neighbours at night time but it will exude charm and enhance its inviting presence. Cleverly placed lights can help emphasise your homes most beautiful features.

2.) Accentuate Your Outdoor Space

Incorporating lighting into both your front and back garden can be a great way to highlight beautifully created landscaped features. Clever lighting can highlight your gardens best assets and help less attractive areas fade into the background.

If you're stuck for inspiration, this Pinterest board has dozens of beautiful ideas for making your outside space look beautiful using clever lighting:

Follow PamDesigns 3D's board Outdoor Lighting on Pinterest.

3.) Increase The Usability

In the warmer months of the year we tend to enjoy spending more time outdoors, so why limit the enjoyment of your beautiful garden to daylight hours. A combination of subtle and dramatic lighting can transform any outside space into a usable, relaxing and ambient setting - even after the sun goes down.

4.) Deter Burglars

Thinking about your home being broken into is not a nice thought to contemplate and anyone who has had to deal with such a situation before will know how devastating it can be. Outdoor lighting doesn’t just have to be for aesthetic reasons. Help deter burglars by installing safety lighting for your home. Lit houses are harder for buglers to break into as there is nowhere for them to hide without being seen.

5.) Keep Visitors Safe

If you tend to have a lot of visitors to your home, especially during the evening, it is always a good idea to ensure any walkways or steps leading to your home are well lit to ensure trips and falls do not occur.

6.) Increase The Value Of Your Home

Homes with some form of outdoor lighting generally sell for more than homes without. There are many reasons why this could be the case. For example, potential buyers may feel your home is more inviting, it’s safer or it looks better than another house without lights.

It is vital to ensure that your lights are not poorly placed or installed as this could have the opposite effect and decrease the value of your home even after all your hard work.

7.) Update Your Home’s Exterior

Installing outdoor lighting is a simple and easy way to give the exterior façade of your home a face lift. With lighting options available to suit all budgets, this is a great budget friendly way to spruce up your home.

8.) Secure A Sale

In the current economic climate, selling your home is not an easy task. Simply freshening up the interior of your home with a lick of paint and a bit of home staging may not be enough to help you secure the sale you want at the price you desire.

A lot of home buyers view houses after dark once the working day has finished so exterior lighting can really enhance a potential buyers first impressions of your home and leave a lasting impression when they leave.


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