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6 Tips To Transform Your Small Outdoor Space In The City

If you happen to be a city slicker then you will be well aware of the struggle to find a property that has outside space, whether it's a house or a flat. It’s highly likely you won’t have any outside space to yourself at all, but if you have been lucky enough to be one of the few that have managed to snap up a quaint little balcony or a peculiar shaped patch of grass then the question now is what to do with it?

Well, we have put our heads together and found some fantastic ideas to help you make the most of your precious space. Take a look at our 6 tips to transform your small outdoor space in the city featuring great ideas to help you create the outdoor haven you have always dreamed of.

1.) Add Colour

The worst thing you can do when trying to create something special in a small space is to be bland, boring and unimaginative. Colour is a great way to make your space personal, feel inviting and warm. Try painting your fence or wall with a bold striking colour or adding colourful furniture (if you have the space).

If you’re not a fan of colour and are looking for a more neutral and calming area, try just adding small splashes of colour using flowers, cushions or plant pots.

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2.) Create Levels

Using different levels can not only help you to create zones and add dimension to your space but it can also help to create the illusion of more space, making a once small and poky area feel more open and airy.

3.) Warm It Up

Investing in some form of outdoor heating is a great way to make a small, uninviting space feel warm, cosy and loved. Depending on the type of heating you go for it could even bring much needed light, like this small fire pit.

4.) Get Creative With Lighting

With so many different ways to bring life using light to your outside space, its one of the easiest and best  options to make a  quick, noticeable difference. Consider using lanterns, candles or even fairy lights to brighten up your space and give it an inviting glow. You’ll be surprised how much more welcoming and relaxing it can make it feel. You’ll have the neighbours green with envy!

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5.) Vertical Planting

Vertical planting is a great way to add colour... you can add flowers and even vegetables to your garden or balcony without compromising the limited floor space you’re working with!

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6.) Create Privacy

In the city, houses tend to be situated closer together, making privacy of outside space a concern. Using tall plants, trees or bushes to seclude your space is easy and very effective. It can even help to minimise noise, making your home just that bit more peaceful and relaxing.

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Top Tips:

THINK BIG – The number one rule when designing a small outdoor space is to THINK BIG. Be bold in your decisions, don’t be afraid to get creative and don’t hold back creating a really strong and noticeable theme.

KNOW ITS USE - Understanding what you want your outside space to be used for is vital when making design considerations. If you want to entertain then make sure you maximise your space for this purpose, find creative ways to introduce more seating or a dining area. The same goes for creating a relaxing retreat...consider privacy and mood lighting.

CONSIDER THE WEATHER– With every item you decide to introduce to your space, whether it be furniture or plants, think about how it will cope against the weather. If your garden or balcony area is enclosed then make sure you water your plants to ensure they stay alive and beautiful. If your garden or balcony is subject to the elements, be sure to pick furniture and accessories that won’t get ruined in heavy downpours or snow.


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