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6 Eco Friendly Materials To Insulate Your Home With

Here at Juice Electrical Supplies we’ve told you just how important it is to insulate your home properly in order to reduce your energy bills and be as energy efficient as possible. The right insulation can potentially lower your bills by as much as 30%. But did you know that you can use 100% natural and eco-friendly materials to do this? Here are 6 eco friendly materials to insulate your home with...

Eco friendly insulation can not only save you money but also help the environment and your health, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best materials for you to consider using in your home.

1. Sheep Wool 


Perfect for insulating roofs, walls and floors, sheep’s wool possesses many natural insulating properties which makes it one of the best 100% natural home insulation materials available. Not only is it excellent at retaining heat but it has great sound absorbing properties, is flame resistant, resistant to mould and insects and helps reduce condensation in the home.

This easy to install material is safe, sustainable, easily recyclable and from a 100% natural source.

2. Straw


Straw is a totally natural insulator, its easy to source locally, its cheap, it’s annually renewable and it doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals associated with conventional insulation, but it can come with its complications. If it is not kept dry and protected from insects it can develop mould, fungus or even turn into compost. However this can be easily avoided by simply protecting it with materials such as plaster. When used correctly straw insulation can last the lifetime of a house.

3. Green Walls 


For those of you who don’t know what a green wall is, it is essentially a wall of vegetation which can clad the walls of a building. Green walls can not only dramatically reduce the need for additional cooling in summer but also act as a blanket helping to reduce loss of heat in the winter.

This amazing idea is not just great for insulation but it also beautiful, helps reduce UV damage to the surface materials of your house, helps protect your home from wind and other weather fluctuations, helps increase air quality and absorbs sound.

4. Hemp 


Hemp is an incredibly durable natural insulation material with guaranteed longevity.  Suitable for use on walls, roofs and ceilings this insect and vermin resistant material is great for keeping your home warm and cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. With its breathability this sustainable and recyclable material not only insulates but helps prevent structural damage and reduces potential health risks caused by poor air circulation.

5. Recycled Newspaper 


Newspaper is a great insulation option for anyone interested in green living.  With The average UK family throwing away 6 trees worth of paper in their household bin a year, using newspaper to insulate your home helps to reduce the amount of paper ending up in landfill.

It works by simply slowing down the movement of heat helping to retain warmth in your home for longer.

The only down side to this material is that it has to be treated with a fire retardant in order to make it safe as paper is highly flammable, making it not quite 100% natural.

6. Cotton


Cotton, similarly to newspaper, needs to be treated with a flame retardant in order to be used for insulation to ensure it is safe. However it is still a renewable resource which is great for insulation and absorbing sound. Often cotton insulation comes from a recycled source such as old jeans.




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