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Lighting Resources You Need To See!

Lighting is an essential consideration when designing any room or space. Whether it's a bedroom or an office; lighting not only affects the way you feel and behave, but can also impact functionality and even safety. If you are considering installing new lighting in your home, garden, or business premises then be sure to take a look at our carefully selected list of lighting resources first! Discover everything from how to light your home to help it sell, to how to light your office to maximise productivity, or even just how to choose a light bulb!

Light Bulb Enlightenment

Image Source: Louis du Mont

With so many different light bulbs available for you to buy on the shop shelves these days it can be very confusing and some times even impossible to choose the right one. Take a look at the useful resources below and you’ll be a light bulb expert in no time!

1. How To Change A Light Bulb

2. The Ultimate Guide To Energy Saving Light Bulbs

3. How To Choose The Best Low Energy Lighting

4. Choosing The Right Energy Efficient Light Bulb

5. Understanding Lumens And Watts

6. The Great Light Bulb Debate 

The Perfect Kitchen Lighting

Image Source: Freshome Image Source: Freshome

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house! We cook, eat and socialize in it, making it particularly hard to light. Make sure your kitchen is lit to perfection and fit and ready for every activity by taking a thorough read of these useful articles.

7. How To Create The Perfect Kitchen Lighting

8. Kitchen Lighting: Brilliance On A Budget

9. Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

10. Kitchen Lighting Basics

11. How To Choose The Proper Lighting For A Kitchen

12. Ambient, Task And Accent Lighting

The Best Way To Light Your Bathroom

Image Source: Beck with Interiors Image Source: Beck with Interiors

Whether you use your bathroom primarily to unwind after a long hard day, or to perform your daily grooming routine, the lighting you install can play a major part in how successful these things can be. Bright, harsh light will limit your ability to relax whilst not enough light will hinder your ability to groom. Get the balance right with the great tips and advice below.

13. Bathroom Lighting Guide

14. How To Light Your Bathroom Right

15. Let There Be Light – A Guide To Effectively Lighting Your Bathroom

16. Let There Be Light, Or Don’t – The Choice Is yours!

 Light Up Your Living Room

Image Source: Hot Style Design Image Source: Hot Style Design

Creating the right ambiance for your living room can be a difficult task. Each individual’s requirements vary dramatically so even seeking advice can sometimes land you with a living room which doesn’t quite fit your needs. To achieve the perfect light for your personal lifestyle take a look at the following resources.

17. 10 Living Room Lighting Ideas And Tips

18. Living Room Lighting: A Q & A With Lighting Designer Randall Whitehead

19. Light Up The Living Room

A Well-Lit Bedroom: For You & Your Guests

https://www.dictionar.co/bedroom-lighting/ Image Source: Dictionar

For most, the bedroom is the ultimate relaxing retreat. After a day filled with work, exercise and looking after others we can’t wait to curl up in bed with a good book and snooze. But if your lighting isn’t quite right then this could be a problem. We’ve found some great help and advice to ensure the bedrooms in your house are fit for relaxing moments for both you and your guests.

20.  How To Create Perfect Bedroom Lighting For Guests

21. How To Light A Small Bedroom

General Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Image Source: Blender Artists Image Source: Blender Artists

Whether you’re looking to learn the technical lingo of lighting or just want to get some useful tips form interior design experts, this section is for you!

22. Interior Design: Nina Campbell’s Lighting Tips

23. Lighting Language

24. How To Use Lighting To Sell Your Home

25. Smart Tips To Change Your Home With Lighting

26. Lighting Design

27. Lighting Design Guide

28. How To Light Your Home: A Guide To Modern Stylish Lighting

29.  7 Tips: Choosing The Perfect Lighting For Your Home

30. Lighting: A Buyers Guide

LED Lighting

Image Source: Green Guru Image Source: Green Guru

LED lighting is often an area that many people lack knowledge in. What is LED lighting? How is it different to any other lighting?  And why should you choose it for your home? Keep reading and all your questions will be answered.

31. A Buyers Guide To Choosing The Right LED Lighting

32. Set Sustainable Light On Your Home With LED Bulbs 

Outdoor Lighting

Image Source: Lance Landscape Image Source: Lance Landscape

We’ve ranted and raved about how much of an impact outdoor lighting can make to your home over and over again, but just to reinforce the matter check out these great sources. Make your home safer, up your curb appeal and stand out from the crowd!

33. How To Choose And Install Motion Detector Lights

34. How To Install Deck Lighting

DIY Lighting

Image Source: Urban Comfort Image Source: Urban Comfort

If you like to be hands on and do a bit of creative DIY then check out the super simple lighting DIY tasks below. Learn how to recover a lamp shade and even how to make your favourite lamp cordless.

35. How To Cover A Lamp Shade

36. DIY Lighting Inspiration

37.  How To Make A Lamp Cordless

Lighting in the Workplace

Image Source: Heston WTO Image Source: Heston WTO

Believe it or not implementing the right lighting in your business premises is essential to the success of your business. Not only can it help to make your employers more productive in turn making your business more profitable but it can also help you to ensure you are not breaking any laws and you and your employees are safe whilst at work.

38. How To Implement LED Lighting

39. How Office Lighting Effects Productivity

40. Lighting At Work

Lighting Blogs

Image Source: The Office Group Image Source: The Office Group

Finding a blog that focuses solely on lighting is hard to come by, but luckily for you we know a few which are well worth a look. Whether you’re looking to find out about the latest advancements in the lighting industry or just need some basic advice, you will find something here to suite your needs.

41. Lighting

42.  A.L Architectural Lighting

43. Delightful

44. Light Logic

Inspiration Boards

Image Source: Courntey Lane Image Source: Courntey Lane

If you need some creative inspiration to ensure that the lighting in your home is a cut above the rest then be sure to take a look at the 4 Pinterest boards below. From fairly lights to vintage inspired lighting you will find all the inspiration you need right here.

45. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights aren't just for decorating the Christmas Tree, as this Pinterest board shows. Twinkly, delicate, and beautiful; fairy lights are incredibly versatile and can add an ethereal atmosphere to any space...

Follow Camille Juco's board fairy lights on Pinterest.

46. Vintage Lighting

If you're looking to add a little interest to your home, why not give some vintage-style lighting a go? From reclaimed wood to lanterns and wire lights, shades never need to be boring again...

Follow Melodie Russell's board Vintage Lighting on Pinterest.

47. Interior Lighting

Looking for something a bit different to your every day sconces and pendants? This board is packed with beautiful and unique ways to light your home that you won't be able to help falling in love with...

Follow Style Estate's board Interior Lighting Ideas on Pinterest.

48. Outdoor Lighting

Don't neglect your garden! Get creative with outdoor lighting and make your garden a place to relax no matter what the time of day...

Follow dreamyard's board Outdoor lighting ideas on Pinterest.


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