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5 Utterly Amazing Energy Efficient Homes From Around the World

As you know, here at Juice we like to practice what we preach. We not only offer you, our customers, a huge range of energy saving products but we also ensure that our own offices and warehouses are run in the most energy efficient way possible.

So with that in mind, we thought that it would be a great idea to share with you some utterly amazing energy efficient homes from around the world. Not just for your inspiration but for ours too!

1. Dillingham House 


Although this unusual looking construction may not be the most architecturally striking home you have ever seen it is, according to The World Record Academy, the most air tight home in the world!

This small 600 square foot home built in Alaska by Dr. Tom Marsik and Kristin Donaldson has exceptionally little air leakage due to its tightly sealed, 28 inch thick, super insulated walls. Nearly all of the heat needed for this home comes from internal heat gains such as body heat, lighting and appliances. That’s pretty spectacular considering Alaska’s average temperature over a year is only 2.2 Degrees Centigrade and dips as low as -9.5!

2. The Zero Home 


Considered to be the most energy efficient home in America, The Zero Home, located just outside Salt Lake City in a rather beautiful suburban setting, is somewhat amazing! This unique home has been skilfully created to produce its own energy from renewable sources and only used as much energy as it is able to create.

Adorned with solar panels and sophisticated insulation technology this remarkable home is surprisingly affordable, costing no more than the average conventional home in the area.

Not only can this home produce its own energy but it can also control its own climate and monitor its energy flow to ensure it never runs out. Now that’s a pretty clever house!

3. A Solar House In Leicestershire?


It is not just overseas that amazing green homes are being built! Not too far from Juice, in Leicestershire, an amazing energy efficient home has recently been completed. This marvellous construction is fully powered throughout the year using rooftop solar panels, solar walls and an integrated earth energy bank which stores excess summer heat in pipes underground ready to be used in winter. On the market for a whooping £1.5 million the lucky owners of this house will enjoy paying nothing to heat or power it.

4. The E-cube 


Created by team Belgium for the 2011 Solar Decathlon Competition this energy efficient home is perhaps our favourite of the 5. What makes it so special is that it is not only energy efficient in every way, with its solar panels, air-tight insulation, energy efficient windows, 18cm thick polyurethane walls and ability to heat itself without the use of any conventional heating systems, but it’s also affordable and customizable.

Designed as a do-it-yourself building kit, pre-engineered in a factory, this ultra-modern cube design can almost be constructed as if it were a piece of Ikea furniture. This entire building was built in nearly 24 hours. Check out the video below to see just how quickly it was put together.

5.  Passivhaus standard in Dwyran

Check out the latest as the world’s most energy-efficient homes arrive on Anglesey.


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