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5 Of Our Sassiest Spike Lights

5 Of Our Sassiest Spike Lights

We all love a good garden party in the Summer months, don’t we! But how do we keep the festivities going when the sun goes down? One solution is to use garden spike lights.

As these outdoor spike lights are a sure fire way to inject some light once the sun has set, we have come up with 5 of our sassiest spike lights for you to look at…

1) LED Spike Lights

LED spike lights have to be up there with the best of them as, not only are they super energy efficient, they are stylish, solid and durable to withstand weather conditions as well as 'looking good' amongst your garden beds.


2) Adjustable Spike Lights

This spike light is fully adjustable, great for directing the light exactly where you want it. You can highlight a particular feature or simply provide a bright beacon of light from the rear of your garden. Plus, you can choose from stainless steel or stainless steel with a matt black finish.

Spike Lights, Garden Spike, decorative garden lighting

3) Economical Spike Lights

If you're on a bit of a budget but don't want to compromise on style or function, look out for something like this LED ground spike. It's simple but very effective for garden lighting.



4) Versatile Spike Lights

Lastly, a versatile option for you.... these outdoor spike lights can also be wall or floor mounted with brackets and an optional spike included. An IP68 rating, energy efficient LED's and 3 year guarantee makes for a super smart pick to accentuate your garden!

Spike Lights, Garden Spike, decorative garden lighting Spike Lights, Garden Spike, decorative garden lighting


5) "Have it all" Spike Lights

New in 2017, we welcome the Luminatra spotlights that really have it all! Not only are they energy efficient, attractive and available in 4 colour finishes, they are versatile too. Use at ground level, pushed into the ground, or mount on a wall to illuminate your garden features, borders and pathways in style.


To sum it up, there are plenty of outdoor spike lights that can offer style and functionality, ease of installation and affordability, not to mention, a measure of security too, yet they take up little space so can be used in the smallest of areas to create drama and illumination.

Please feel free to add your own ideas or your favourite garden goodies in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you...


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