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11 Reasons Why LED Lighting is such a Turn-On!

11 Reasons Why LED Lighting is such a Turn-On!

LED technology, believe it or not, goes back to the early 60's (1962 to be precise) when it was used for practical electronic components but since then it has come on leaps and bounds...

Nowadays, LED lighting is smarter and brighter, able to create a soft, warm glow of light, whilst using far less power which means far less heat, making LED lighting last much longer too! So... in a nutshell, it's cheaper to run, lasts much longer, less maintenance... want to hear more benefits? Ok, so here are our 11 reasons why LED lighting is such a turn-on...

11 reasons why LED Lighting is such a turn-on!

1. Massive Savings to be made

LED lights are now cheaper to buy than ever before and with much less power needed to run them, it's cheaper all round. Switching one 50W halogen GU10 light bulb to a GU10 LED equivalent would save you a massive £154 over its life span. That's just one bulb!

Try our energy saving calculator for lamps (found in our Useful Guides section) and see for yourselves how much energy and cash you can save.

2. Environmentally Friendly

If you're into Green Living,  you'll be pleased to discover that LED's are extremely environmentally friendly, can be easily disposed of and promise years and years of long life.

3. Energy Efficiency

Any LED product is uber energy efficient with LED light bulbs using up to 80% less energy than incandescent equivalents and lasting for years, some for around 50,000 hours.

4. No UltraViolet

LED's do not emit UV light so colour in materials won't fade.

5. No Heat Radiation (Infra-Red)

No heat radiation is produced, meaning unwanted bugs and insects won't be attracted to the light.

6. Instant Light

Gone are the days of flickering and warm up time, LED's provide full brightness in an instant.

7. No Flicker

No more annoying (and sometimes scary) flickering light.

8. Good For Your Eyes

An age old problem of tired and strained eyes due to glare, flicker and general poor lighting can be fixed by using LED's... they really make a difference!

9. LED Lighting is literally 'Cool'

Halogen and incandescent bulbs are known for getting hot but LED's produce far less heat, thanks to lower power. Therefore, they remain cool to the touch and become less of a fire hazard.

10. No Mercury

Although compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL's) are energy saving, they do contain toxic mercury which complicates their disposal. LED's have no mercury whatsoever (or any other hazardous substance, for that matter!)

11. Quiet...

Remember the distinctive 'humming' a light bulb can make? No more noise as LED's are totally silent.... absolutely no humming.

We hope we have managed to convert some of you (or a lot of you) with the superb advantages of using LED lighting and you grow to love it as much as we do!

11 Reasons Why LED Lighting is such a Turn-On LED LOVE

If you find any more reasons to add to our 11 reasons why LED lighting is such a turn-on, just let us know!


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