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10 Things You Might Not Know About Lighting

Lighting is something that we're very passionate about here at Juice Electrical Supplies, so we thought we’d compile a list of interesting lighting facts that you may not already know. You’re sure to be a hit at any party with these facts.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb. He’s probably very pleased to have gone down in history as the man who invented it, but it is a myth. He invented the first commercially viable light bulb in 1879, but inventors had been creating filament-based electric light bulbs since the 1840s - it’s just that they were prone to breaking and/or expensive to make.
  2. The world’s largest lightbulb is the one at the top of the Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower in New Jersey, United States. The lightbulb is 13ft tall and is a tribute to the inventor of the first commercially viable lightbulb.
  3. Street lighting was first used in Antioch, a city founded by one of Alexander the Great’s generals, Seleukos, in 4th Century BC. It became one of the four great cities of the Roman Empire.
  4. Humans are technically bioluminescent, but the light we produce is 1000 times weaker than what the human eye can see.
  5. The halogen light bulb, the most popular lightbulb in the world for over 100 years, is woefully inefficient. Almost 90% of the energy output by these bulbs is heat, with less than 10% output as light. That’s why they get so hot and why the EU is phasing them out.
  6. The biggest chandelier in the world hangs in an office complex in Doha, Qatar. It is called Reflective Flow and is designed to resemble a flowing river. It measures at 38.5m long and weighs almost 20 tonnes. It’s made up of 55,000 colour-changing LEDs and 2,300 optic crystals.
  7. French Chemist Georges Claude invented the neon light in 1902 and the first neon lamp was displayed in Paris in 1910. Neon is famous for signs and the first of these was sold in 1912 to a Paris barber.
  8. Light pollution has become a problem over the past 100 years. In 2013, Hong Kong was declared to have the worst light pollution on the planet and in 2016, Singapore was found to be the most light polluted country in the world.
  9. The Milky Way used to be visible from Earth, but it has been estimated that now only ⅔ of people can now see it due to light pollution.
  10. The world’s oldest lightbulb is the Centennial Light in Livermore, California, United States. It was first installed in 1901, making it 117 years old. It has spent its entire life in various buildings of the Livermore Fire Department. It has only been off for a week in 1937 during renovation, 22 minutes in 1976 during a move to a different location in Livermore and for 9 ½ hours in 2013 when the uninterruptible power supply stopped working. You can even watch the bulb burning away live via webcam!


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