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10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs

If you’re yet to make the switch from energy guzzling light bulbs to energy efficient ones, then we would like to share with you some rather fantastic ways to ditch your old light bulbs in preparation for your switch over....10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs!

Those nasty little incandescent bulbs are not recyclable meaning you would have to throw them away and send them on their way to landfill which wouldn’t be a very 'green' suggestion of us. So we thought it would be best to show you how to turn those anti-green energy suckers into something beautiful to use in your home.

10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs

1. Hanging Vases 

10 Brilliant Ways To Upcycle Your Light Bulbs https://www.care2.com

Why not try transforming your nothing special light bulb into a gorgeous hanging vase. Use an old chain, wire or ribbon to string several together. They make wonderful window displays.

2.  Hot Air Balloon Ornaments 

10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs https://happydiylife.com/

Create eyes catching hot air balloon decorations using glass paint, string and fabric. This is a great arts and crafts activity to get the kids involved in too.

3. Spice Rack 

10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs inhabitat.com

Make something useful for your kitchen. This spice rack is a great idea. Wash your light bulb out, fill it with your favourite spices and use a cork to seal it.

4. Light Bulb Vase 

10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs Plant in a Light Bulb Vase

Don’t waste money buying vases to decorate your tables and store your flowers. Make your own using nothing but a light bulb.

5. Christmas Tree Decorations

10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs www.upcyclethat.com

It may too early for some of you to start thinking about the stress of Christmas, but planning ahead is always a good idea. Light bulbs are great for creating fantastic Christmas tree decorations. These penguins are adorable. There’s no need to spend tons of cash on decorations when you can make these! It’s a great project to keep the kids occupied too!

6. Pear Centre piece

All you need is an old light bulb some string/twine and a stick from the garden to create these rustic pears perfect for creating a beautiful centre piece.  Use the stick to resemble the stalk and wrap your string/twine around the bulb until it is completely covered.

7.  Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook 

10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs www.brit.co

If you’re willing to get your hands a bit dirty then try creating these concrete wall hooks. They’re perfect for hanging your coat on.  It’s a bit of a technical process but you can find out how to make them here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Concrete-Lightbulb-Wall-Hook/


8.  A Mini Terrarium


10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs craftorganic.com

Create a mini garden in your light bulbs using air plants, sand, pebbles and other fascinating things you can squeeze into that tiny space.

9. Something Unique For A Wedding 

10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs ruffledblog.com

Fill a light bulb with confetti, petals or whole flowers, attach a name tag and use it as a place card for a wedding or any other special event, perhaps a dinner party.

10. Snow Globe

10 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Your Light Bulbs Snow Globe Light Bulb

Save your light bulb from landfill by simply filling it with water, glitter and a figurine of your choice to create a rather adorable snow globe.

We hope you're inspired to be creative using our 10 brilliant ways to upcycle your light bulbs... have fun!

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