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  • How to Prevent Condensation, Damp and Mould with Positive Input Ventilation

    How to Prevent Condensation, Damp and Mould with Positive Input Ventilation Modern life... saving energy, deterring burglars, keeping the heat in... there are plenty of reasons why our houses are poorly ventilated nowadays. Air quality is often overlooked with regards to our health, safety and the longevity of our home furnishings. But it can impact negatively on both your property and its inhabitants.
    The Dangers of Humidity
    Whether you’re a tenant, landlord or homeowner, keeping a house or flat well ventilated is extremely important. Things that can negatively impac…


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  • Valentine’s Lighting with Juice

    Valentine’s Lighting with Juice Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you love or loathe the romantic celebration it can be the perfect time to create a cosy atmosphere in your home. And there’s no better place to start than with your lighting; choosing the right lighting for your home can help to create an enjoyable ambience which will last far beyond the day of romance.
    What with the overcrowded and overpriced restaurants that dominate around the 14th February it can be a good idea to skip the nonsense a…


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  • How to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

    How to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter Sometimes it can feel like the winter months last forever - especially in years when we get snow in March or April. The only antidote is to make sure your home is nice and cosy by keeping it warm and toasty. This can sometimes be a difficult task in very low temperatures - especially if you live in an old house with poor insulation. In this blog post we share a range of tips to help make your home nice and warm and ensure you retain all the heat.
    1. Keep your radiators clear
    Your radiator won’…


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  • Transform Your Home for Christmas

    Transform Your Home for Christmas Christmas is fast approaching, and whether it’s the twinkling of the tree or the glow of the high-street, nothing has the power to create that Christmassy feeling quite like lighting. So, if you’re looking to transform your home for the festive period, then look no further than your lights. Christmas lighting is for so much more than just your tree, and at Juice we have a wealth of ideas to help you make your home perfect in time for the big day.
    Tap into the magic of Christmas with lighting…


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  • Halloween Lighting with Juice

    Halloween Lighting with Juice With Halloween fast approaching, lighting could be the perfect way to transform your home into a haunted haven in time for the spooky season. Whether you’re planning on throwing a party, or just scaring excitable trick or treaters, why not discover how lighting could enhance the experience for everyone this Halloween?
    Colour is the ultimate way to curate the mood of a room and adding a red or green strip light to your party space could completely transform the atmosphere. The Firstlight LED St…


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