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  • What is Photocell Lighting?

    What is Photocell Lighting? A photocell is a sensor that detects the level of light that is present and causes the electric light on which it is mounted to switch on or off accordingly. So as it gets dark in the evening, the photocell will switch on the light, and as the sun comes up the photocell will switch the light off again.
    Photocell lighting uses these sensors to control when lights come on and go off. This can be a great option for your outdoor lighting, as your lights will only be on during the hours that they are…


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  • How to Keep Your Garden Secure with Lighting

    How to Keep Your Garden Secure with Lighting Lighting can make a great addition to the look and ambience of your garden. But it can also have another function: security! Don’t let intruders or burglars hide under the cover of darkness.
    First of all, installing security lights in your garden is an effective deterrent, because intruders will see them and be less likely to take the risk of setting them off by trespassing in your garden. And second of all, if someone does enter your garden, the security lights coming on will alert you and ne…


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  • Where Should You Install Outdoor Lighting?

    Where Should You Install Outdoor Lighting? Are you thinking of installing some outdoor lighting at your property, but you’re not sure where to place it? Then this post is for you.
    There is a whole host of different outdoor lighting available, with a range of different functions. First of all, you should ask yourself what you want your outdoor lighting to do. Is it for security purposes? Or do you just want atmospheric lighting in the garden for summer parties and barbecues? Or maybe you want to create a grand lead-up to your home for …


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  • New Product Launch: The Sleek, High-Performance Faith Extract Fan

    New Product Launch: The Sleek, High-Performance Faith Extract Fan
    We’re really excited to announce the arrival of the new Faith extractor fan from Nuaire, which is available now from Juice. As well as its stylish, minimal look that will blend in perfectly with the surrounding interior design, it also boasts impressive smart technology and should prove popular due to meeting all the requirements for social housing. Here are the benefits at a glance.
    Say goodbye to loud, boxy extractor fans
    While good ventilation in the home is essential, often manufacturers …


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  • The Different Ways to Control Outdoor Lighting

    The Different Ways to Control Outdoor Lighting Outdoor lighting helps create a really fantastic atmosphere in your garden or outdoor space. It’s especially good in the summer months when you want to get the barbecue fired up, entertain guests outside or simply sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.
    Another added bonus of outdoor lighting is the security aspect: a well-lit outdoor area or security lights that switch on when movement is detected are great ways to deter intruders.
    However, you don’t need your outdoor lighting to be on all …


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