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  • What is an IP Rating?

    What is an IP Rating? If you’ve started looking for some exciting new electrical goods to spruce up your home, you may have noticed something called an IP rating popping up. You might not realise it, but if you've ever purchased an electrical item in the past, chances are you’ve come across an IP rating before.
    Although we often ignore these, it’s important to understand what they mean, particularly for those of you who are planning on placing your new item outside or in an area which is exposed to liquids, suc…


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  • How to Use Lighting to Enhance your Bathroom this Autumn

    How to Use Lighting to Enhance your Bathroom this Autumn Nobody wants to admit it but it’s time we did: summer is coming to an end. Yes, September officially marks the start of autumn and as our tans fade and the nights get longer it can be easy to be left feeling a bit deflated. But, that’s what makes it a perfect time to add a little extra light into both your life and your home!
    Instead of dreading the dark nights, with the right indoor lighting you can enjoy them, using them as an excuse to cosy up in a hot bath whilst appreciating how your li…


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  • How to Find the Right IP Rating for You This Summer

    How to Find the Right IP Rating for You This Summer We’ve probably all come across an IP rating before when shopping for a new lamp for our bedrooms, but unless you’re an electric aficionado you might not have stopped to think what it means. Well, it turns out that little old number is actually pretty important. Especially for those of you thinking about decking out your garden with some new lights this summer.
    So, what is an IP rating? To put it simply an IP rating assesses the protection level of an electrical device against solids and liqu…


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  • What is Photocell Lighting?

    What is Photocell Lighting? A photocell is a sensor that detects the level of light that is present and causes the electric light on which it is mounted to switch on or off accordingly. So as it gets dark in the evening, the photocell will switch on the light, and as the sun comes up the photocell will switch the light off again.
    Photocell lighting uses these sensors to control when lights come on and go off. This can be a great option for your outdoor lighting, as your lights will only be on during the hours that they are…


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  • How to Keep Your Garden Secure with Lighting

    How to Keep Your Garden Secure with Lighting Lighting can make a great addition to the look and ambience of your garden. But it can also have another function: security! Don’t let intruders or burglars hide under the cover of darkness.
    First of all, installing security lights in your garden is an effective deterrent, because intruders will see them and be less likely to take the risk of setting them off by trespassing in your garden. And second of all, if someone does enter your garden, the security lights coming on will alert you and ne…


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